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  1. In the midst of last year’s Sony hack, one rather interesting snippet of news concerned the possible merging of the Jump Street and Men in Black film franchises. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Jump Streetdirectors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have spoken outabout the rumored project several times. According to Miller, it’s a concept “that makes you think.” Head-scratching hilarity aside, it looks like this fever dream of a movie might actually happen. Two different bits of news regarding the Jump Streetfranchise broke this week. The first is a female-driven film written by Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs. The second? TheWrap reports the wheels are turning for the crossover film, and… the wheels aren’t square-shaped: That actually kind of makes sense! If the first two films truly do tackle reboots/remakes and sequels respectively, then why wouldn’t a third film target cinematic universes? They’re all the rage, thanks to Marvel. (Let’s be honest, though, Quentin Tarantinodid it better.) Contract extensions are in the works for much of the Jump Street cast and crew, but there’s no word yet on whether or not Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, or Josh Brolin will reprise their roles.
  2. Yeah it was defo number one here! When he said Boom I laughed! Jeff was in the video and everything!
  3. So it is a strong possibility won't be getting a World Tour, New Album or Bad Boys 3.... That sucks majorly.
  4. Da Brakes


    Always a great show when he is on it.
  5. Da Brakes

    No new JJFP tracks

    Hope they are making plans!!! That can't be chance right?
  6. Da Brakes

    No new JJFP tracks

    It will be very likely we get some new stuff whilst they are touring. It will be just them and all he equipment they need with them.. I'm with Kev on this one
  7. Da Brakes

    2016 Tour Dates

    I'm just tentatively waiting.. Ready to jump on whatever, wherever!
  8. Da Brakes

    DJ Jazzy Jeff Fiesta Remix

    This is nice!!!
  9. If The Roots are going on tour with JJFP that will be insane!! Is it 2016 yet?
  10. Da Brakes

    2016 Tour Dates

    Never been to a festival!! Do you find out set times ahead of the day?
  11. Would love to see the full episode of this. https://www.facebook.com/HollywoodReporter/videos/10153117147037750/
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    I love this!! Such a naturally charismatic dude!
  13. Enjoyed watching this! Can't say I agree with all the comments but loving the buzz it's generating!
  14. Da Brakes

    Jeff Waz On The Beatbox (Live 1989)

    I remember seeing this somewhere before... This must have been posted on the board a while back... Loving the energy and Jeff's moves up there
  15. This is dope. The description says this is from 1987. I love the fact that stuff like this pops up from time to time!
  16. Well well well... Look what the cat dragged in.. Where have you been?
  17. I really hope this isn't just a North American Tour. If it is I'll definitely go but obviously somewhere in Europe will be much easier!
  18. Da Brakes

    Pete Rock On JJFP

    Would have loved to see Pete Rock and JJFP in the studio creating those tracks..
  19. i love hearing every new confirmation!! I was wondering too Julie with venues! The trouble is o2 is HUGE! I have no doubt that JJFP could fill it but it is a risk. However, smaller venues will likely be jam packed... Hard one to call
  20. Da Brakes

    Straight Outta Compton

    Actually looks pretty decent to me!
  21. Da Brakes

    So I Saw Jeff Last Night...

    So last night I rode solo and went to see Jeff perform at a local club near to me and as usual his set was amazing. I haven't been able to see the last couple of shows so was excited to get back to seeing Jeff do his thing! It amazes me that in all the countless shows I've seen Jeff spin no two sets are ever the same and he manages to keep the crowd partying from start to finish. There was no Chris there this time so I don't know whether the Vinyl Destination series is still going or if he has another project on the go at the moment. Steve and Ferno (along with Dayne) where there and as usual they really make you feel like part of the family. I really have to stop and count my blessings that as a lifelong fan of JJFP, I, and a few others from the board are in the position to attend as many Jeff shows as we do and also get to hang out with the man himself afterwards. Jeff played an eclectic mix of music which touched every person in the club... some of the highlights for me where Summertime, Jeff's Reggae set, Jeff's West Coast Hip Hip Set and he even slipped in the Fiesta remix. This is the first time seeing Dayne being Jeff's MC since Skillz has taken up DJ'ing full time and I must say he was extremely good. He had the crowd hyped and knew Jeff's set inside out. His freestyles were on point as well and extremely well delivered. He is also a humble dude as well. Having had a brief conversation with him, I can see him doing big things in the music biz. I was so pleased to get the physical copy of the album as well. So after Jeff's set, I get access to the VIP section and get to have a chat with Mr Magnificent. I immediately tell him how ridiculously excited I am about the tour scheduled for next year and how we are all waiting with bated breath for more details to be announced. I also say that I am looking forward to when Will and Jeff get their project underway and we finally get that illustrious JJFP album we have all been waiting for. Jeff said that the tour is going to be something special and told me some of the ideas they have spoken about for it. (it sounds great!!!) He said that Will is really excited to do it so I think we can safely say that it will happen in some form or fashion. Whilst I was there, Jeff also told me about the new DJ Jazzy Jeff app that had literally just been released on the app store (he received the notification whilst we were talking). He encouraged me to download it so of course I did and he said that I would be the first person in the world to have it which I was pretty chuffed about! All in all it was an amazing night and the best part about it is I get to do it all again with Kev again on Saturday! There was so many more questions I wanted to ask that I'll hopefully remember for the weekend. All in all a great night with the baddest DJ on the planet and his amazing team around him. Shout out out to Neil from the forum as well who spotted me from across the room who I had a brief conversation with! Great meeting you dude and hope to see you at another Jeff show soon.
  22. Da Brakes

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    I actually think it may be called "Bad Boys For Life" If not then it definitely should be a prequel "Bad Babies"
  23. Da Brakes

    Movement on Bad Boys III

    I've got my money on it being called 'Naughty Boys'
  24. I reckon we'll get a Will Smith album and then a JJFP album at some point in the future...