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    some huge will smith news

    [quote=Hero1,Jul 12 2004, 12:43 AM]...but I have about 40 songs so far.[/quote] Shame we're never gonna hear the majority of songs Will record :music: :bang: :dunno:
  2. Da Brakes

    I'm back.

    Welcome Back!
  3. Da Brakes

    Will uses Reason!!

    Yea!! You can download it from the official website!!
  4. Da Brakes


    [quote=DefCEM,Jul 11 2004, 05:49 PM]So in my opinion Will was somebody who could freestyle back in the day as fresh prince, but i think this time is over. i think he wouldn't have any chances against Eminem, JayZ or somebody else...[/quote] I'd have to say i'd agree wid you on that one!! People like Eminem have dedicated their [b]whole[/b] life to battling! He came up as a battle MC, has had [b]numerous[/b] battles in the limelight and has basically mastered the fine art of it! I don't deny FP came up as a battle MC but he didn't pursue it for very long. From Rock The House in fact i would at all call a battle album. Will wouldn't be able to stand his ground againgst Em in a battle today. Maybe because Will is out of practise, maybe because the public would laugh at the fact Will would battle Em or maybe Em is better than Will at battling. All in all Will should stick to what he does best and Em should stick to what he does best (which is not producing trax!! )
  5. Da Brakes

    Astrology Sign

    [quote=Jazzy Julie,Jul 11 2004, 04:46 PM]im a Leo too 24th of July and only 2 weeks till my birthday. How scary da brakes im only a week older than u lol.[/quote] Wow!! :eek4: A week exactly!!! [i][b]**Twilight Zone music plays**[/b][/i] I absolutely hate those astrological things!! I find it incomprehensible that someone in a office thinks that they can generalise the entire population of the world into 12 made up descriptions!!!
  6. Da Brakes

    Will uses Reason!!

    Reason is more of a beat making software!! You really just use it to make music and really nothing else! Will would most probably use Reason to make the beats and then use Pro Tools to actual sequence the vocals to the beats!! I don't use Pro Tools to do this as I don't really like using a Mac to do much stuff on (except video editing). Instead I use Cool Edit Pro which does more or less the same thing!! The results you get are amazing!! But back to what you were asking, the best way to record your tracks are to make the beat in a seperate software (Reason, Fruity Loops etc) and then import that into a separate sequencing software (Cool Edit, Pro Tools, Cubasis etc) You can theoretically record your vocals in Reason but they wouldn't turn out as crisp and as 'professional sounding' as if you were to record them using a software which was intended for that purpose!
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    100 Posts!!!

    Thanx alot for the mention man!! Congrats on your centurian post!!
  8. Da Brakes

    Astrology Sign

    Leo July 31st!! Only 3 weeks till my birthday!!
  9. Da Brakes

    Will uses Reason!!

    You can d/load it or you can buy it for £300!! :dunno:
  10. Da Brakes

    Will in Elle Magazine

    Ha Ha!! Funny!! :thumb: :thumb:
  11. Da Brakes

    Will Supports music pirates!

    I download quite alot of music but really Will Smith and Eminem are the only artists i actually go out and buy their CD's!!h
  12. Da Brakes


    Excellent!! That looks GREAT!! Well done Prince and Tim!! :thumb:
  13. Da Brakes


    Yes he can!! I've seen him on The Nick Cannon show when he was on there and he was freestyling at the end of it!! It was amazing!! I wish there were more audios out there of Will freestyling!! There's not enuff out there!!!
  14. Da Brakes

    Articles, interviews..everythin!

    Thanx for all of that Tim!!
  15. Da Brakes

    some huge will smith news

    Anything else you can tell us?!?! [b]ANYTHING[/b] at all!!!!
  16. Actor Will Smith went for the retro look at the premiere of his latest movie, I, Robot. Will took a fashion step into the 70s in a suit, tinted sunglasses and brushed trilby that tipped a wink at lollipop-loving detective Kojak. The outfit couldn't have been further away from the set of I, Robot, which takes place in 2035 and deals with a world-threatening robot rebellion. But co-star Bridget Moynahan brought a touch of contemporary glamour to last night's event [img]http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/upload/080704nwillsmith_lg.jpg[/img] [img]http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/upload/080704nwillsmith.jpg[/img]
  17. Da Brakes

    Will uses Reason!!

    WOW!! :eek4: :eek4: Will does the exact same thing as me!! Thats [b]exactly[/b] how i record my songs!!!! Just call me Mr Smith!!!!
  18. Da Brakes

    Will goes retro for his futuristic movie premier

    Don't u think he looks a bit like Bernie Mac in the picture??
  19. Da Brakes

    I Robot Red Carpet Premire!!

    EXCELLENT!! gld u enjoyed it!! WOW u actually got to meet Will!! I can't wait for the day that happens!! :eek4: :eek4:
  20. Da Brakes

    You Saw My Blinker

    [quote=Jazzy Julie,Jul 9 2004, 05:01 PM]Like in that Live show and Will says "all the homeboys that got aids be quite"[/quote] I don't think he said that!! I think it was "All the homeboys that got A's be quiet" A's as in grades at school!
  21. Da Brakes

    FuQ - "Made In America"

    I'm lovin' it man!!! :thumb:
  22. Da Brakes

    will does the robot

    Love the video!! Thanx for that Tim!!
  23. Da Brakes

    ***Will Smith on Jay Leno Xclusive!!!***

    EXCELLENT!! Thanx for that!! Funny!!
  24. Thans for the link!!
  25. Da Brakes

    I Robot Red Carpet Premire!!

    Excellent!!! I want a [b]word for word[/b] transcript of what went down!!! :bowrofl: