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  1. how is the switch dance???????
  2. hey man i'd like to know how are the beats in the switch song,i've understanded that you've heard it,well its funky like gettin jiggy wit it?or is it like sean paul rythms?or its a harder beat like BTR.thanx
  3. hey guys how do you describe the will flow?fast but clearly,or funky, what??? to me the best flows for me are naughty by nature,common,2pac,FP or biggie i've heard that will said that he in the begining had to practice very hard his rap or his flow,and the others rappers had more skill. i think that he work hard in the past and put a high pasion,and now his flow is very talented and his voice is pretty cool
  4. here in spain we said LE PONES PERRACO CIELO
  5. but hey guys,do you think if will's album come out and is a brilliant album would be a hit,because will is some of this people that ever does his music with his own personality,he don't talk about kill people,about bitches,guns,cars and that stuff in his rhymes, and with the state of hip hop now do you think that Will's album would be considerated right now? i'm a little dissapointed because i think that will had to solidificate his reputation because he is one of the best mcees of all time and doesn't matter what people say. I hope that upcoming album would be like sup
  6. Can Will freestyle with a level like jay-z, wycleaf, or eminem?????????? i've have never seen Will freestyling,and i think is one of the cualities that a rapper must have. I think he can but i´ve never seen it
  7. Will doing break dance?????????he is too heavy and muscled to do break but if that's true wowwww i would like to see him!!!!!!!
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