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    Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police

    Ya, it's nice...but you gotta check out the other half of it..."Evening News" which is even better!!
  2. seriously, he used to be an innovative producer...but think about it...the songs on the radio are trash half because of dumb over-synthesized beats....and who's producing all the radio songs?
  3. what timbaland are we talking about here? I know the timbaland who punches a few keys, steals intellectual material from other producers, and just adds bass to everything he touches. his album was terrible....
  4. Bob

    Still no music news

    if TROM + the "Hip Hop is Dead" movement didn't get him to actually record like he said he was...I think we might just have to accept he's done. it's a sad reality but he seems content
  5. Bob


    my bad, its hard to tell what people mean w/o hearing their tone of voice or somethin. thanks bart5... no really, in the time that i've been here...some of the guys in this forum really do know jeff or will and have posted videos with em or pictures with em...So, I figured if there was any place to see if this "little John" exists/a glorified philly-rapper...I'd figure it be here... plus who knows...my knowledge of rappers/dj's from the late 80's early 90's is still growing...so it coulda been like when I learned of Marley Marl...I had no clue who that guy was until a few years ago... geez :paperbag:
  6. you'd want to believe so... but then 50's ego is too big for something like that.. idk I just think alot of this is 50 trying to appeal to those who like united hip hop/kanye but then he wants to flip flop back as this hard, uber-macho gangsta rapper. wait...I GOT IT... 50 Cent=John Kerry. :yeahthat:
  7. Bob


    :stickpoke: ahha yo AJ, or anyone for that matter...when Will Smith says "Yo, you know where little John lives on the corner The extension cord'll run perfectly to his crib" ~ Block Party off of Born to Reign... who's he talking about?..anyone know?
  8. lol i saw that, it was on the friday night project, it was so funny. Kanye also said he didnt wanna mess with 50 coz hes a big intimidating guy. ahah yes... BUT THEY PERFORMED TOGETHER LAST NIGHT?????? http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.5615...erform-together there's a video and all...aha WOW. 50 is also shaking diddy and jay-z's hands not even a week after saying he didn't like diddy or jay irony.
  9. Well now Kanye is quoted as saying "Well, I'll say this...please, please 50, when I outsell you, don't stop making music. I really like it" AHAHHA. awesome kanye. the video is on onsmash.net and its his UK interview recently... And as much as Lil Wayne isn't my favorite rapper in the world lol, he should be releasing his diss song "Gossip" at 50 right before the release date.... oh, and mfuqua23....I may upload some stuff...I'm really a quiet guy about my tracks and usually do it for me and my close friends just for some fun instrumentals or whatever else.. but i've been doing alot more recently so, like I said, I may try that whole upload thing over the next few months
  10. Bob

    JJFP T-Shirt $12.99

    I checked the store...I'm thinking of gettin myself one... No mediums or smalls? they've all sold out i'm afraid.. once these shirts go they'll never be done again.. well if there are no mediums or smalls i guess i'll have to pass... :sipread: it's either that or stocking up on cheesesteaks down at Pats for the next week until I go back to college lol :fencing:
  11. ah, thanks man! it's what I try to do so I can hone my own producing skills...or lack thereof haha.
  12. Bob

    JJFP T-Shirt $12.99

    I checked the store...I'm thinking of gettin myself one... No mediums or smalls?
  13. Bob

    He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper

    Whenever someone says "oh you just like will because he doesn't curse" I immediately turn to this song to show the flow he's got... Like last night before going to see Superbad... My friend Jen said that exact quote so I had her sit and listen before going into the movies... "Wow, when did he rap like that?" "Uh, since 1988 and to this day"
  14. except for that baseline, he basically stripped the real high pitch off the track for most of the song...and uses those keys that he was playing on every performance Will did in 2005...Live 8, Mandella...all of those performances he used those keys when Will would talk an intro into the song... I like it... but ya, WHY AT THE END OF SUMMER????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I've got a week before college again, and it's depressing to know the summer is saying goodbye....
  15. Bob

    Will Smith - Greatest Hits review

    ya i mean willenium musta been a failure considering it went how many times platinum and was in the napster digital age? plus...will did movies and only had two bonafide singles on that and a borrowed one from the wild, wild, west movie.. willenium was classic
  16. Bob

    Roast of Flavor Flav

    the one joke regarding benoit was down right wrong... way too soon and i don't know if it will ever not be too soon when poking fun at a father who killed his kid... I was surprised Kimmel wasn't censored on that one
  17. The focus question I believe is a very subjective one, but delivery and flow? If anything, I think his direct working relationship with Consequence, a hero to him, and his continued work with Common has only upped his ability...now he does get lazy at times, but other times he's miles ahead of his old ways. Compare "Bittersweet" which FINALLY leaked and was going to be included on his last album only to be held back how many years for Graduation, with Southside or Can't Tell me Nothing...if anything, I think he's really stepped his game up. And Production? I feel he's finally gotten away from his signature foot-stomp beats with his near perfect production of Finding Forever. He perfectly, and I say perfectly, mimicked DJ Premier beat-mapping in "The Game" and showed so much ability in "Forever Begins" and "The People." His work on "Couldn't Get Far" also showed his move away from drums to work with individual bass strings. His production has been spotless...even the stuff he did on Stronger was pretty creative with the gaps left behind from Daft Punk's original song... I mean his last album, Late Registration...all those chord works weren't his...they were that orchestra conducter who Co-produced the whole thing. Kanye added drums here and there, but now he's finally taking what he's learned and creating new, original instrumentals
  18. 50 was never anywhere on focus. While Kanye may lose at times his focus, he comes back with stuff that's actually better than his old stuff. So he may once in awhile slip up with his point, but then he comes right back and is "better than he's ever been."
  19. Bob

    Have you Found Forever yet?

    Quick Review: 1. Intro...some call it pretentious, I call it setting the mood for a very soulful album 2. Start the Show...fun stuff with Common calling shots at a "gorilla who was better as a drug dealer"... 3. The People...hot song that's been out for awhile. Kanye uses bits of the same sampling he used for "Wouldn't Get Far" by Game. Common called this his expression of where he is at in his life. Well said, as this is a soul-filled song with excellent versus, even one highlighting Kanye as the new DJ Premier. 4. Drivin' Me Wild feat. Lily Allen...upbeat song with the first set of versus very, very cleverly worded....the rest is also on point with great rhymes. 5. I Want You feat. Will.I.Am...really creative beat with common saying hi to the ladies...fun stuff and a little out there. 6. Southside feat. Kanye West...this song goes on for 5 minutes and is back and forth rapping at its best. Once one loses breathe, the other picks up hotter than the previous verse. 7. The Game feat. DJ Premier...Powerful boom-bat beat. Good message too that Common is here to stay and not out to appease the masses but rather fill the soul... 8. Black Maybe feat Bilal...real subtle beat with a message that it's ok to show doubt and not always be so hard and cocky. 9. So Far To Go feat. D'angelo...I actually enjoyed the previous set of lyrics he used on this Dilla-produced track...but no, I don't think it's a problem he used that song from the late Dilla's last album...why? because too much of the world never heard dilla's stuff. 10. Break My Heart....I've heard this is Kanye's attempt to tribute Dilla's style. It's creative...kinda though feels more like a mailed-in beat by Kanye...except for the hook which is sampled quite well. Regarding common's lyrics...not too memorable but on point storytelling as always. 11. Misunderstood... Best production of the album....the last set of verses are very well crafted in creating a picture of a woman having to work a strip club when her whole life is ahead of her... 12. Forever Begins...Reminds me of "Hope" by Nas in the style it is presented in...The first lyrics are "Victory Won" and really presents an optimistic outlook on life and that this is not the ending of hiphop or a career or an album but instead a time to turn off the cd player and go out and enjoy life. 13. Play Your Cards Right feat. Bilal...Bonus track but more of a feel of "Be" than "Finding Forever"...whether it be in production or lyrics...but fun nonetheless. Rating: A+
  20. Bob

    JJFP Facebook Group

    thanks...joining...now :thumbsup:
  21. Bob

    Hip Hop Honors 2007...

    Snoop makes 12340981230498132904810238491023984012893411324901823049811234812034823498273492 7349 songs since his debut so he's automatically a legend? He's probably the most consistent supplier of new music ever in hip hop. But legend?
  22. A mixtape for me is a dj and an MC doing something fun, sampling, being raw...being their original selves that radio limits. It's hitting and missing with some awesome stuff and some whack "what did i just hear?" stuff. Like my buddy popped in a green lantern mixtape from 05 that I gave him, and there's this whhhhacccck song called "We g's"...actually with Kool G. Rap... It's the zelda beat of all things haha but its creative and something that never was on the radio or ever will be... Playing beats from Jeezy's 05 album seems stretching in my opinion. Chamillionaire really turned me off with "True"...a song he had on a mixtape with the "ants go marching in one by one hurah" beat...It realllly turned me off from his stuff...and riding dirty felt like a pop rap. But the way he's come off in interviews and his respect for the game will actually have me willing to listen to his cd and give it a shot... plus the slick rick song is good fun :wickedwisdom:
  23. How is this negative? It just seems like a nice summer party thrown by two friends. I think it's cool.
  24. Bob

    Chuck & Larry or Knocked Up?

    LICENSE TO WED tops both.