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    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentines day! I think I'm going to rename it bachelor's day for myself.
  2. Bob

    Well. Duh!

    Oh wow, it's been a good two weeks. Anyway, we have a fundamental difference in views. It's obvious that the real political landscape involves heavy ties between the Federal reserve and the executive branch. Theoretically they shouldn't and Congress has been trying to audit the whole thing, but it never gets through. Political machines allow for much influence in the reserve's decisions. As much as I can't stand Ron Paul and everything he proposes, he has said something that anyone will agree on, from him, to me, to Jim Cramer: the reserve should be separated from the executive branch, but it isn't and something should be done. The executive branch would have been the first to do an executive order for a freeze on interest rates, or many other things that are now being proposed. Clinton didn't do it when he saw the bubble bursting. That's not saying Bush has been perfect, but Clinton has alot to do with the 99 burst. Both George Bush and Hillary Clinton are the type of characters people blame their ingrown fingernails on. It's overly done and without much premise. Sorry for being so late on the response but this discussion has pretty much run its course.
  3. Bob

    Well. Duh!

    Props on the homework. I believe I had the 13th as well, as I sold my book after last year. The thing is, the 2001 burst was a direct effect of the Clinton implementation of policy. Bush then gave Greenspan the go ahead to do emergency moves. Greenspan put the housing net in place, and it failed. I already mentioned that. So yes, as I mentioned, Clinton was responsible for what hit our market so hard in 2001. He did hurt the economy because the economic boon was on false pretenses. Values of stocks weren't right and the era of good feelings, in economic sense, buffered this idea of good produces good. Clinton's moves when the stocks started to roll back, were also hurting, as he only tried to put a bandage on a gaping wound. My initial point was Clinton harmed our economy severely. And he did. The success of the early 1990's came from the Reagan/Bush administrative policies. Then, Clinton's administration fostered more and more faith in the IT sector without hesitation. This created a false sense of prosperity that eventually toppled over, within the jurisdiction, and time action lag parameters that Clinton controlled.
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    Jay's flow is on point but the beat makes this track mediocre at best. If this is a Timbaland beat then Tim needs to go back to the drawing board. He's come up with way better beats then this. Jay, just a word of advice - GET KANYE TO DO YOUR BEATS. This is the only type of beat Jay would let Timbo do. Jay kept off of Timbo tracks since timberland went wacko and repetitive. Timbo's best was before 2004. And if anything, it's promising to hear Timbo go back to the drawing board.
  5. Bob

    Well. Duh!

    Miller, Roger LeRoy. Economics Today. 14. New York City: Addision Wesley, 2007.
  6. Bob

    Well. Duh!

    Clinton embraced the dot-com bubble by allowing the fed rates to be high even when the burst was becoming obvious. Basically he let the well dry before anyone did anything. Instead of trying to cut rates initially, they sat back, as they felt it was too good to fall apart. No one did their homework on the economy in that administration. Again, I don't mean to sound like I know all, because I certainly don't, but I haven't heard one thing otherwise from economists that points to a current economy being in any way an immediate reflection of the actions taken. And unemployment went down I believe to new lows even during this subprime fiasco for quite some time. Obviously now things are drying up all over but I just like to look at the numbers and not just go off of people who are naturally inclined politically to believe a certain thought. I'm not saying Bush is the best president, because he's certainly not, but he isn't the devil and people naturally accept him as the goat regardless of the facts behind it.
  7. Bob

    Well. Duh!

    The last recession in 2001, wasn't declared until mid-2003. You could probably look it up on an economist wiki page or something, it's a common fact that there is a big gap between implemented national policy and it's effects. Time action lag is a legitimate economic concept taught at the basic macro levels.
  8. Bob

    Well. Duh!

    Schnazz absolutely nailed it right on the head. It's an agreed consensus by economists that it takes many years from inputting the policy to seeing results in the economy. Clinton led an era of good-feelings/rub-under-the-carpet write-ups and really set the stage for a recession. Clinton did kill the economy. He really set us up for a topple-over effect. The market corrected itself when the re-valuing of companies not based on physical materials (i.e.-dot-com) showed a real lack in the true monetary possiblities of these companies. More specifically, a breakdown in their Information Systems units that took payment and translated them into the service the site offered. From that point, Greenspan had to do emergency action which was creating a housing-net to catch all the people screwed out of their money for investing in such dumps. That plan looked nice on paper but banks took the opportunity to use this lazy-loan policy to eventually lead us to this subprime problem that has been hitting the Dow like crazy. Anyway, here's Schnazz's on-point perfect description again: Again, Clinton did kill the economy. For example, it takes 2 years after a recession for it to be officially DECLARED as one by economists. It's called time-action lag and is a real effect that comes from the bureaucracy associated with implementing national policy. Now I don't claim to be a master of economics but I've studied it hard and every professor Ive had for Micro, Macro, Economic Geography, and International Econ have all alluded to this "theory" as more of a principle on which to base most understandings of Macro involvement at the Federal level.
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    Well. Duh!

    oh fun, i love this. clinton kills the economy, bush brings us to war. clinton supports killing innocent life, bush fights wars he doesn't have to. let's not make this a political forum...
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    Sorry, Wilt the Stilt's number was 13!
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    if it was any team other than the midgets (or for that matter, the cowgirls), I'd be gun-ho for an upset. But I can deal with a perfect cheater as the Super Bowl winner than the midgets bragging about upsetting the Pats. Or they could just blow-up the Super Bowl this year.
  12. my vote for the playstation is for the wonderful ps2 and original playstation. if ps3 was reasonable, and i had an hdtv to spare, and they had good games, maybe i'd go next generation. until then, nope
  13. Bob

    If Will did a concept album.....

    I had never heard that B2R was that. And it didn't really follow a line of thought, it went everywhere. Concept albums are huge with indy/punk/rock bands and have been for some time. Coheed and Cambria are a favorite of my friends, and they have made 4 studio albums with a storyline of a civil war in space.
  14. Bob

    So Fresh

    WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHATTTTTTT I had no clue either. wow, how many other video gems does will have of which I was unware???????
  15. Bob

    Time Share cancelled ?

    ha, my opinions are known on cage so i'm not upset on that one
  16. Bob

    Will in Spielberg's "Chicago 7"?

    I'm against Will in this movie. It's going to be a loaded cast and Will makes gems with a few co-stars holding their weight and not hogging the light. The actors who are big in these major collaboration movies (that is, every big actor is cast and the producers go over their heads in the budget for cast) get lost between each other, and play politic games to get a bigger spotlight. I say he stays with the formula of finding an independent movie type and bringing it to blockbuster heights.
  17. I saw this one yesterday and think it's absolutely hilarious he curses every other word in the same sentences as becoming a minister and talking about his gospel album. it's absolutely not genuine if he goes and talks about killing on one cd and then is talking about turning the other cheek. i'm not impressed.
  18. Bob


    if will goes on record from "no more music" to "a tour of classic stuff" to "a single"...he's setting us up for a return. i think at least once he gets in the studio, he's gonna wanna do more.
  19. Bob

    If Will did a concept album.....

    The time travel idea is close to what I would see....a "kid" maturing to a man...not neccessarily to a superstar movie actor...but like a kid from west philly mad at his parents when they take him to the gallery and buy him wack stuff to the father who makes his kids have a curfew. i think it would be his style to do it, and within in it, different interludes...first with trey and his dad backtalking each other, then jaden making fun of his dad, and then willow singing a final song on the outro.
  20. Bob

    The season is almost over...

    they fought through a hell of a season. it'd be fun to see them do it this year. especially since I'm an underdog fan...I have to be, thus my philadelphia sports love.
  21. unneccessary hulk hogan pose---insert...wait for it...not yet....ok.... here. :woowoo:
  22. Bob

    The season is almost over...

    what's funny is every analyst keeps saying that if the Eagles didn't screw themselves, they'd be the pick in the NFC cause they are hot right now and on all cylinders....and they point to a Super 5 who's healthy and throwing well...who would QB a team that with a backup almost beat the Pats...oh well, next year we won't shoot ourselves in the foot. By the way, the Giants should not at all play their starters. Their coach has a job to prep his team to win meaningful games. This game means absolutely nothing to the Giants and could only hurt them. And I'm saying this as someone who loathes the Giants. Uh, and Colts or Jags will say goodbye to the Pats Super Bowl trip. And the conversation will ensue as to the reality the Pats wore themselves out.
  23. Nah, it's cool, you don't need to show your frustration with just realizing the truth...
  24. F&L---food and liquor? would make sense considering we are talking about the artist who has an album of that name. His whole album is the definition of talking about all the worlds problems...top to bottom with only a few songs not addressing a topic politically motivated. and yes, it took too long cause I didn't touch the boards until today. Mainly because I saw the AOL thing about Will and Hitler. I was enjoying my Christmas!!! and everything leading up to it. I hope everyone else was too.
  25. I thought I'd start with this one....Q-Tip denied this, as he said it was VH1 who set up ALL the performers. So VH1 asked him, Q-Tip wasn't the one making the decisions. (I shortened alot of it to not make people scroll, but I read the whole thing) 1. Sometimes he could be replaced with T.I...other times, q-tip, other times Kweli, common, Mos, Method Man. It's just not unique. I'm not going to say Kanye cause I think he takes more off of Lupe than Lupe off of him, but I still think Lupe hasn't created his own, individual style. 2. The production uses the same, limited arrangement of instruments. Sure, the tempo, rhythm, melodies are different, but it's the same 5 instruments. That gets repetitive if it isn't organic. Organic music to me can be done with limited instruments and if untouched and raw, can be fine. It's when you use audio engineering and butcher the initial sound and create something new, and use that same setup the whole album through. Regarding F&L, it felt enough of a different arrangement of instruments to make F&L worth a listen. 3. Talib NEVER sounds out of breathe on it. He flows that way. It works for him. Lupe rushes to the end of the breakpoints and then holds; it's extremely forced, maybe not on F&L as much, but definitely on this latest album. 4. Poetry on an album should be that of the artist. It's not his words and they seem to reach to be prophetic. And they aren't; they are forgettable. 5. Will did that with one song and did it well. Individual songs of Lupe's may be tolerable for it, but when you make of litany of what's wrong with the world today for an album, you are just doing that, striving, in a forced way, to make yourself standout as this uber-political emcee. 6. I respect those who, regardless of profession, do it out of the sheer 1.) enjoyment AND 2.) competitive urge to be the best. Lupe either 1.) is completely complacent and not "in it to win it" OR 2.) Convinced he's acheived the status of one of the best, and that is extremely premature, and immature. Either one gets no respect from me, regardless of his work so far. It's the manner in which you approach your work. Now I saw the one comment about Styles P being more enjoyable. I enjoy that album yes, but it doesn't really hit me as something special. Lupe's feels too forced and too broad.