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    I ordered two golden circle tickets for my girl and me as well as flight tickets to Manchester, train tickets to Blackpool and Hotel in Blackpool. We'll arrive on Sunday and go back on Monday. So basically we'll only see the show...
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    20 Years of JazzyJeffFreshPrince.com

    Wow, 20 years huh? That's absolutely incredible. I am currently at work and suddenly this community came to my mind. As I couldn't remember the name of the domain I had to google it. :D I am really happy that the board is still up and running. I love to remember all the games that could be played on the board and even some of my private messages I just got to see are about a game that could be played. haha I also remember the hidden download section where I shared the acapella of Switch or the rare promotional version of Gettin Jiggy Wit It. That must have been like 10 years ago. I can also remember some of the names that were mentioned in the comments here like e.g. Julie, Brakes, AJ. I believe I have got a song of Da Brakes somewhere on my computer's hard drive. Good to see that you are all doing well!
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    Will on Carpool Karaoke

    Here's the preview: : ive watched the whole thing. My thoughts: was very funny but disappointed he only did jiggy, boom, fpoba, summertime. Would have liked more tracks. Book was definitely the highlight. More talk about music/jeff would have been better.
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    Wow. Sounds like we owe Jeff a huge thank you.
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    Will on Carpool Karaoke

    I can't wait for this! I love hearing the old records that haven't been talked about or performed. Boom! Shake the Room will be cool to see on here and then live!!
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    Will on Carpool Karaoke

    It's coming!
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    I'm dj'ing in Preston that night hence the location of hotel.......you are all welcome...... not quite Jeff standard but who is??
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    Da Brakes

    WhatsApp Group for JJFP Show

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    Jeff's answering Q's on Twitter right now

    Jeff tweeted: "On a plane for a few hrs... anyone have any questions for me??? Like real questions...not like did it hurt when u got throw out the house " i asked "is there gonna be any mixtapes of unreleased JJFP songs in the near future?" jeff replied: " Not sure...I really need to dig that stuff up!"
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    I actually made a T-Shirt for this event!! Literally cannot wait!
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    Haha, they're dope basketball shirts. Good work.
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    Movement on Bad Boys III

    Just gonna have to shout at Will from the crowd of the JJFP show. Get a proper answer lol