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Guest Prince
[quote=Alien,Aug 24 2004, 10:15 PM][FONT=Arial][SIZE=7]

Okay you guys, this is my first time writing here, i wanna get to the audio soon, i love the site by the way. i had a quastion for Tim, does Will Smith or Jeff Town know about the site?[/quote]
There's a topic about this in the Big Will forum I think.

Jeff visits this site, and really likes it. He tells FP about it alot, but as far as we know, FP hasn't yet seen it (although does know about it).
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He'd get mobbed by fans asking questions, and this forum would get clutterd up by people making new threads for each question they want answerd
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  • Admin
[quote=detroit butcher,Sep 29 2004, 12:06 AM]Hey Tim, when you gonna update the samples section with all that info i gave you months back at the pm dawn forum? :dunno:[/quote]
wern't they voice samples..or actual beats? you'll have 2 give them 2 me again ive lost em
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