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Do you think Will cares too much about sales?

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Well Will's considered "Mr. Nice Guy", basically he wouldn't go out of his way to criticise nobody, that's how he is, usually if he ain't feeling somebody he won't come out and say it either though, the thing is if he says he likes somebody we like we hold it up highly and go along with the fact that he respects them, since most of us like 2Pac it's like we're cool with Will sayin' that but if Will says that he's feelin' somebody most of us don't like like 50 we'll deny it like he didn't mean to say it that way but the reality is if he's gonna come out and say that he's feeling somebody he does feel them, he has the right to his own opinion whether we like those artists he does or not, he could listen to Britney Spears all day for all I care as long as his music doesn't start sounding weak I'm cool with that, btw you gotta log in guest, you did make some good points there...

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Simply put, Will stated he likes Jay-Z, wack rapper #1 and company, and there is no possible way for that to be 'taken out of context'. He is allowed to like cats you don't like, you just gotta live with it.

Just like Bigted said...FP is "Mr. Nice Guy"...i've always called him a team player. He talks good about everybody personally. Whatever trax that are out at the time, he calls them 'hot." But those same rappers making those same songs are exactly the people he is talking about in trax like "Lost + Found." FP would never say "_______ is wack." Everyone knows that, but he's knocking the same stuff that alot of us do when we talk about the state of commerical rap. While giving Jay-Z props, he's even said that he needs 2 venture in2 new territory.

For those of u like gangsta rap and commerical rappers, u can like whatever u want. But don't try 2 make them the exception 2 the stuff JJ+FP have talked about disliking in interviews. When Jeff says there needs 2 be more of a variety on the radio, it's cuz not everyone wants 2 hear T.I., Young Joc, and Young Dro crapping on the rap game like that. When FP says people like Jay-Z need 2 talk about more than jewelry, money, and ho's...he's calling out those who have no creativity when it comes 2 lyrics and subject matter.

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Chuck D has said quite a few times that this is really considered the singles' era where people focus more what the radio plays rather than looking for content on the albums and that's what the problem of the rap game is, he's right on point with that, people pay too much attention to what's played on the radio than they do paying attention to the quality of albums, it's like they get hypnotised into buying albums just 'cause of the songs they hear on the radio but they might not even listen to the albums that much after they get them or I guess they want to look cool and play that song in their car systems like everybody else, I notice too when kids bump something by 50 or those commercial rappers a lot of them only bump the singles you hear on the radio, they won't bump any of the album cuts, they just get albums for singles it seems and when the singles die down in popularity they'll never play it again and move on to other singles that're "hot", fans who appreciate rap music and music in general will play their albums with pride but they don't do that 'cause they don't appreciate the music...

A lot of these fans are sheep, they just go by what's hot and don't search for good music, they just think that whatever the radio plays has to be good, rap has become more like fast food, these ignorant people are the reason why things are the way it is, if they were more aware then maybe record labels would change their way, it just tells you that most of the people who buy albums are kids that don't have the understanding or appreciation to what good music is, and then again those complaining about what the radio plays and don't search for good albums ain't helping the cause either, if you could find enough good music you won't even have enough time to worry about what the radio plays 'cause you could put that quality on your own rotation playlist without radio dictating you,but then again that's not only a problem with rap, I mean we all know why Paris Hilton has a record deal 'cause she's the "it" girl right now, the music industry has no heart, it's all about pimping these young kids but it was always about sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll if you think about the pop music culture over many decades but it's just marketed more than ever by these shark suit executives and the real artists don't have that much of a chance to make it, but personally like I said earlier if Will's gonna make songs like "Who Am I" and "Lost and Found" talk about how much he ain't feelin' gangsta rap, why can't he just come out and say who exactly he ain't feelin' specifically? FP needs to use his power to stand up for what's right and if it takes beating negative cats then so be it, it needs to be done...

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isn't hero supposed to step in and steer the thread back to the topic??? because right now, we are WAY off topic, from sales to beef to who Will hates/loves and to hip hop as a whole...

personally, i think Will does care abt sales, i mean, as an artist, how can he not?

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Well seeing the direction of this thread it's obvious that we care more about record sales than Will does

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"Original – A first form from which varieties arise

An authentic work of art as opposed to an imitation or reproduction

Why should I try to sound like ya’ll sound

That’s what’s wrong with the rap game right now

Man, it’s like a circus wit a bunch of clowns

Wit a bunch of clicks I’ll probably rap circles around

I spit heatrock and I ain’t talking rollin

Soon as the beat knock I’m crowd controlling

When I hear ya’ll that a awful sound

I don’t ride beats I take them off the ground

Land them somewhere show them the town

Even on foreign ground I let them know I’m around

I don’t follow everybody when it’s time to rap

At one time everybody thought the world was flat

Sounds like you that was my intention

I paid dues now dudes pay attention

I live for it even though the flicks is hittin’

Cribs sick you can see the booth from the kitchen

Speak on it cause I saw it happen

This is hip hop dawg

I ain’t just rappin

Ya’ll looking at a real MC

Man you couldn’t check a mic for me

Why should I try to sound like ya’ll sound

That’s what’s wrong with the rap game right now

Man, it’s like a circus wit a bunch of clowns

Wit a bunch of clicks I’ll probably rap circles around

Why should I try to sound like ya’ll sound

That’s what’s wrong wit the rap game right now

Why should I try to flow the way ya’ll flow

Or do a show like ya’ll show

Naw that ain’t where my head at now

Ya’ll in the hip hop lost and found

Man, that’s wrong with the rap game right now

It’s like a circus wit a bunch of clowns

Wit a bunch of clicks

I’ll probably rap circles around


Let’s talk about rhyme capability

Let’s talk about hip hop versatility

Let’s talk about taking the game beyond

Now how the hell we gon have a battle of wits

Trick you ain’t armed

Let’s talk about love for the game

I mean real love

Back before there was fame

I’m real wit it

I ain’t claiming to reign

But when ya’ll talk about rap

Ya’ll gon start saying my name

For real though I ain’t playin

Plenty of ya’ll love a brotha just scared to say it

Yo the first ever rap grammy

Let’s talk about the only reason yo ass went to Miami

(Yup) truck wit rims (check) throw back jersey (check)

champagne bottles (check) lot’s of models (check)

Damn that’s the list for 90 percent of ya’ll videos and songs

Am I wrong

Why should I try to sound like ya’ll sound

That’s what’s wrong with the rap game right now

Man, it’s like a circus wit a bunch of clowns

Wit a bunch of clicks I’ll probably rap circles around


When you a slave to the biz

Wit no care for the cost of what you sayin to kids


Is when ya lyrics are a test of time

And your mom hear that your spirit is blessed divine


Is when you rhyme til your throat gets sore

But you don’t even believe what you say no more


Is when you bleed heart into the mic

And the pain you sustain it can change a life


Is when you hide behind the freedom of speech

While sure you’re free to do it

But what it mean to do it

Did you mean to do it

Did you need to do it

Did you take time to think about the seeds you ruined

FOUND Is ESCO, dead PREZ and them

FOUND Is Lauren Hill

FOUND Is Rakim

FOUND Can be you

If you felt the message and ask yourself this questioin

Why should I try to sound like ya’ll sound

That’s what’s wrong with the rap game right now

Man, it’s like a circus wit a bunch of clowns

Wit a bunch of clicks I’ll probably rap circles around"

"I call for the days of the unadulterated

When the artistry was cultivated

You know, back when rap was smart and multilayered

We could rap without A&Rs& ultimatums (damn)

Now today I could say I long for the days when the party was all about


I was a mini-party starter then

My mind bends when I call my pen

The big question should I run the mind a vittle

Food for thought or dumb the rhyme a little

But Will “if you come to high that’ll alienate folks & they won’t buy


Look, people getting trapped in the track

& they be clappin’, even when the rappin’ is wack

Yo, what happened, when did we get happy wit that?

He’s old-fashioned (yup), but let’s be happy he’s back

(Ya heard me!)"

"raps dying and our only hope is the chosen"

"I was born to reign

Point blank my name

To be etched in stone

My destiny pre-ordained

Trying to live righteous

Fighting for life thiis my life

And That's why I go light on my vices

Tightening the vices of truth on the ruthless

This rhyme and the crime is their mind is just useless

The path of the poison

The genesis of the genecide

You and your boys trying to decide

What to write but your pen is a sword

And the blade is being forged

Young minds getting gorged

States have been altered by liquor by weed

And then hate gets exalted as art falls to greed

Choices is made

As the voices is layed

On the track

Contract your souls away

Soldier rage

Did you see his new benz

But the mic is the syringe

Now you proud of your

Got a lot of new friends

Got a lot of new ends

Bought a house up in the hill

Frontin shouts to the pen

Giving false accounts

Of your accounts amounts amounts to fan treason

Stands to reason

Since your inception

Laced with deception

And read false affection and must perish

From my terrace

I see the fire burn in the streets

But I won't shield my eyes to the heat

Born to reign

I was born to reign

I was born to reign"

These are all lyrics from Wills most recent albums, and u trying to say Will likes gangsta rap now. read the lyrics carefully and try and tell me Will likes gangsta rap.

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Will said that gangsta rap was wack but then he shows love to gangsta rappers like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre who were the kings of gangsta rap thenand were the ones that helped make gangsta rap as popular as it is now, they've inspired all these rap artists like G-Unit, Boyz In The Hood, Rick Ross,and Murder Inc. to curse a lot, rap about drugs, guns, money, and hoes, they all grew up on "The Chronic" and "Doggystyle" since gangsta rap was at the peak when a lot of them were young... And of course like I said he had Lil' Kim featured on a couple tracks earlier on "Willenium" before that point he made in "Who Am I" about how "I had the strength to say that gangsta rap was wack", it just doesn't make sense, he has Snoop Dogg featured right after all the things he said on many tracks earlier on "Lost and Found" about how rappers make 90% of their songs about cars, drugs, ice, and hoes, where that seems to be 90% of what Snoop's been rapping about for the last 10+ years it seems...

Will flip flops like a politician it seems, maybe he is gonna run for president after all :jusmindyabizness: I honestly think that Will just criticises gangsta rap once in a while just to protect his clean cut image since he knows a lot of his fans are older and ain't into that gangsta rap, let's be real, he's just sayin' how he knows most if his fans feel but he don't personally feel that way 'cause the way I see it he actually does like it if he's gonna shout some of them out and collab with them, if he really hated gangsta rap that much he wouldn't work with them at all or give any of them props either, Will does care about sales 'cause if he knows if he goes all out and disses every gangsta rapper in the industry he'll be blackballed out of a record deal on a major label, he just does it in moderation enough to hold onto his older audience, and of course record label people like Jimmy Iovine(Interscope president) are to blame for the way the rap industry is with all these gangsta rappers, they're the ones who sign them, but what can you expect since rap is so popular, it's more than just a lifestyle now, it's also a buisiness, in order for it to go back to the artform the music genre needs to be underground but like that article on allhiphop.com said we'd complain if nobody gave rap music recogntion, what do we really want?

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"Alot like LL, Chuck D, Slick, + Doug E." Notice he's not mentioning any phoney, unoriginal rappers. Snoop is versitile. He has good songs and bad songs...good lyrics and bad lyrics. He's been stayed consistent over the last decade. And strangely enough, he fits in on "Pump Ya Breaks"...tho' i could easily see the song being just as good without him. The Lil' Kim colabo happened just cuz she waz popular at the time. They have nothing in common and they aren't personal friends. And's amoungst the 3 weakest songs he's done ever. And the Petey Pablo trax didn't see the light of day 4 obvious reasons. FP likes 2 mix it up and try different things. He works with different people on every album just 2 do something new since he's been recording for over 20 years.

Anyone who is trying 2 put FP in the same category as modern commercial rappers who often don't have any reality or quality in their music is just trying 2 justify their watered down taste in music. When u think of Fresh Prince, u think of Run-DMC, LL Cool J, MC Lyte, Queen Latifah and so on...not Ja-Rule, Lil' Kim, Petey Pablo, Lil' Jon, Bow Wow, and Young Joc.

Get past "Will Smith, mr. nice guy, megastar, media magnet" and listen 2 the lyrics. It's as simple as that.

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If you talk abut me: I dont try to put him on line with those guys. Not at all. I`m just saying that it seems kinda weird. Why is Ready To Die one of his favourite Records, if he hates Gangsta Rap? Why was Big Pun, Cameron and them in the Studio with him? Dont tell me they where popular, caus around that time Will sold 14 Mil, and they didnt sell ish. By the way, how do you know himand Kim arent cool? I think its diffrent. He doesnt hate Gangsta Rap as a whole, he just doesnt like Gangsat rappesr if they dont show skills. That sounds more reasnoble to me, if you look at the facts. "With the strength to stand and say gangsta rap was whack". He thought it was wack, back in the day (Around the time he stopped Rapping). He grew up, he stardet to aprreciate some stuff, as long as its quality (And the problem is, that often it isnt quality).. Thats why he likes Ready To Die and stuff like that.

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how can u say he grew up and likes gangsta now, his last album he practically made a whole song about how gangsta rap is wack. Again i quote "truck wit rims (check) throw back jersey (check) champagne bottles (check) lot’s of models (check) Damn that’s the list for 90 percent of ya’ll videos and songs

Am I wrong" this is gangsta rap, thats what its all about.

You need to listen to his lyrics, thats where he says the truth, u cant take what he says in interviews as gospal, thats called good PR.

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