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Whats everyone upto this weekend?

Im off out tonight to see a local band with some friends then hitting the town after. Hopefully bumping into the girl i like. She works at one of the pubs we'll be heading to.

Saturday night I'm off to a friends for a bit of a gaming night with a few beers. Should be alrite.

Hope you all have a good one.

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I have an exam at the university, luckily it's the last one!

.... but after school, I'm going to take a dip in the pool which really is on the wall, I got a 20'' tv so I can see the Will's movies, hear me talkin bout chilling with oldschool beats than a sucker could ever heard.............

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All my friends has gone away until monday or tuesday, and thats a bitch and a shame. That means I am going to play Pro Evolution Soccer 5 online on the PC and take a walk every now and then. And yes, I might go and eat some kebab also.

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Lerkot, the idea of PES5 (but rather of PS2 myself) and a kebab asound like a quality time.

I just got in from my friday night, its been a good one, and yes the band were great and i did get to see the girl i like, Not much happpened though, Its still early days.

Tommorow daytime im off to the oldest Theme Park in the UK, that being a mile from where i live the legendary Wicksteed Park.

Should be a laugh

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well... i have an orientation this morning, afterwards,.. imma get the boogie boards, kite and umbrella and head to SAnta Monica beach.. (if the weather permits) whoo hoo... .Later, I prolly make something healthy to eat, like stir fry veggies w/boneless chicken breasts, umm.... then we prolly catch a movie or two, (since we have free priveledges, but never use em. lol)... either today or 2morrow with the movies... and in the morning, i wanna go to church to feed my soul and so i can get 'happy' & dance... lol...

go to one of my favourite art stores (thas i also found in Santa Monica) to get sum art supplies for a huuuuuuge project imma bout 2 work on coming up... :2thumbs: :2thumbs: and that im practically 'feenin' to work on. haha... :2thumbs: :gettinjiggywitit: i LOVE drawing beautiful pplZ.... anywayz.... last but not least on my agenda... i wanna uh...

scope a lil bit.... to see if thers any cute guys, cuz i havent seen any since ive been in cali... lol



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