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Top 5 Beats on Lost and Found

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Party Starter

Tell Me Why


Switch(the major reason why it was such a big hit)

Pump Ya Brakes

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i dont think chosen one was that good of a beat, cause when i heard the tim westwood version of will spittin it, it sounded like a hype track and i was excited but then the actual song was kinda a let down.

1)scary story has a good beat

2)wave em off

3)i wish i made that



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Funny this topic was made, I was listening to Lost & Found in the car today. Man, I've never realized until now on how average the beats are. The good news is that it makes sound more appealing to today's crunk-era, bass-ridden tracks your always hearing on the radio. Will doesn't do that bad at all on the tracks but its just not our standards.

Top 5 Beats..

1. Tell Me Why

2. Loretta

3. Comin' to the Stage

4. I Wish I Made That

5. Lost & Found

I also agree on how much of a let down "Chosen One" was. It's such a badly produced track I can't even believe FP rhymed such good lyrics over that crap. It sounds like a Born to Reign leftover.

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My top 5, in no necessary order, are:

Comin' to the Stage

Party Starter


Lost and Found


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