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Will On "Today Show"


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Will's scheduled for tomorrow's episode of the "Today Show" according to the TV Guide it's new, no idea why he's on though :wiggle:

*since they won't air the "All Of Us" episode he directed here in Chicago at least i'll get to see this lol :2thumbs:

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Ok guys here's a quick rundown Will was interviewed on the set of "All Of Us" by Maria Menunos(sp?) and he was saying Barry Sonnenfield taught him how to 'look' like a good director by posing a certain way in still pictures and stuff (pointing his finger, making a frame with his hands, looking into the camera) Alfonso (Carlton from FPOBA) was also onset he's been producing/directing a lot of episodes lately...

Alfonso: "I'm here to make sure that the brilliance is there."

Maria: "You guys are still working together that's great."

Will: "Yeah, listen I carried this bum through a lot of years on the Fresh Prince."

couple shots of Jaden and Willow onset, Willow hanging with daddy while brother Jaden's in the episode, Will talks about the content of this particular episode

Will: "It is something as a Black parent in America, something that you will have to deal with eventually."

Maria: "What do you tell your kids?"

Will: "I tell my kids the truth. I don't pull any punches with my kids, if they ask me a question I tell them the answer, or what my perspective is."

that was pretty much it guys....LOVE this man, such a cool daddy too :2thumbs:

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thanx for the details.

The good thing about this episode is that it seems to be getting the show a bit of attention for better ratings.

The good thing about the better ratings is the programme gets to stay on longer. Thats why Fresh Prince Of Bel Air lasted so.

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Thx MissAshley 4 the rundown!

Yeah I agree wit ya he is such a cool daddy.

Looking forward 2 this episode :yeah:

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I doubt it will make it on to the new CW channel..

Actually, All of Us is one the few UPN/WB shows that will probably be on the new CW Network. Last Wednesday's Chicago Sun-Times had the list of shows on all the networks that were going to be cancelled or renewed and All Of Us was on the renewed list(actually the list was the renewed/presumed safe list).

Here's the link:

Next Year's TV Shows

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cool, nice to see Alfonso busy aswel especially working with our Will again. Will really gets on brilliantly with him and its just cool they still work together. Alfonso is a talented dude no doubt. Also cant wait to see Will's directing!! although he better not go into that full time for a good while yet, cant wait to see Jaden's acting talent aswell. Its all so exciting!!!

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