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  1. Will Smith has a fantastic aray of albums and singles like Summertime, MIB, Nod Ya Head and Miami. As albums Willenium, Rock The House and Born To Reign are brillaint but Lost And Found is by far the best. BTW: I heard that Lost And Found is Will Smiths 'last' album. Please tell me that it isn't.
  2. The good thing about the better ratings is the programme gets to stay on longer. Thats why Fresh Prince Of Bel Air lasted so.
  3. They have done a full video for the opening video but it's only on about 4-5 episodes. If your luck enough to see it just hope it isn't on every episode or else it'll take about two and a half minutes each time.
  4. I've just joined this forum and this is late but that Tell Me Why video is fantastic. I would have told you sooner but i was looking for a good DJJFP forum. This one looks great by the way.
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