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master p defends will smith

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veteran PERCY 'MASTER P' MILLER has warned budding rapper BOW WOW to stop dissing established stars, or face the consequences. Master P, who escaped jail in March (06) after pleading no contest to charges of possessing unregistered firearms, has slammed Bow Wow for starting an argument with his son LIL' ROMEO on record. And Miller was amused when Bow Wow hid behind his bodyguard when the two teen stars came face-to-face at the Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards show on 1 April (06). He tells AllHipHop.com, "We have nothing against Bow Wow. His bodyguard used to work for me so I was hollerin' at him. Romeo wanted to holla at Bow Wow, but he Bow Wow didn't want to talk. "He ran in his trailer. Bow Wow better be lucky he got a good person with him, which is his bodyguard, because Romeo wanted to go in the trailer." Bow Wow, 19, has also launched vitriolic lyrics at a host of big names - and Master P is concerned he will one day be forced to pay for his indiscriminate insults. He continues, "I just think Bow Wow done sold a couple records and got real cocky, and forgot where he came from. He dissed almost everybody in the industry. How you gonna diss WILL SMITH? Then he came back and dissed RONALD ISLEY, OMARION, and now he's taking shots at ROME. "Bow Wow is older now and we from the streets - 14 and 15-year-olds will kill you. When you diss someone, you have to be accountable. To us, when you're 12 years old you're a man in the hood. "So I just think right now (Bow Wow) gotta stop getting beside himself and realise that it's real out here."

great to hear

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Master P kicked Bow Wow's ass supposedly during the Kid's Choice Awards :stickpoke: I don't really like Master P much but hey we could add him to the list that I made in another thread of all the peeps that got love for Will, Master P sucks as an mc but I think a lot of rappers learned how to be a smart buisiness man from all the things he's done, I respect his hustle...

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Yeah I was watching 106 & Park the other day and they had Romeo on there and he was also defending Will "How could you diss Will Smith? He might've called Will bubblegum rapper but not everybody back then was a gangsta rapper, you can't front on his songs like Summertime", then after that they showed the video for that song you're talking about, he actually stepped his rap game up I must say, I'm quite surprised, lol...

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