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Da Brakes

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Great pitures Cookies!! Looking beautiful as always!! Do you sing??

thankx everyone.. sorry i didnt respond earlier Brakes.. some threads I dont really go back to check. lol..

but I sing. Yes., Im not persuing a career, tho imma sell what I do via my official website. LOL. I'm just writing a song inspired by my future spouse,.. but I have business partners that I 'was working with,... developing the talents of underprivileged YOUTH who are naturally gifted musically BUT. I sorta backed BACK 4 a minute, since one of the member's WIFE fronted on me on the slyy during a meeting one nyte @ my criB ... I get that from chiKs sumtimes,.. so im debating on weather or not imma digg my heart into it as I WANT to so bad,.. or what. I have a 'preproduction' studio setup at my criB.. we had meetings here, and gathered at the big studio for meetings too,.. and other sessions..

This is the link of our songwriting & production team. ... my business potnas. Everybody in the top row, plus L.V. (He did Gangsta Paradise w/Coolio) is not pictured. I designed the logo too actually. Akulivego (Ah-KU-leh-Veh-go)

I just can't work too well with dudes whose 'chiks' trip 4 no reason... thas all...


~ cookie

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Hey guys, it's been a while. I doubt anyone remembers me. I was here for a while, then I wasn't. Now I'm back to take over the Arcade! :fencing:

Before I go Off-topic, isn't this the same style outfit Will was wearing in the Miami music video?


(Cute kid, no?)

Will stole my style :yeahthat:

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