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  1. Happy BDAY Man! Long time no see!
  2. Hey, Hero, what's up, what's up, long time no see. Haha, Kev, suprised you remember me.
  3. I guess you didn't see Afro Samurai, because then you'd know what's about to go down! Not much, man and thanks. You know, I had to start courting the girls early, lol.
  4. lol, yea and all the girls wear those skimpy clothes...or lack thereof. Though, to be honest, I can't really speak for Miami as those pictures were taken in Jamaica before I moved to the States. Oh, and I know of you! I know you're the guy in the lead in the Arcade. For now... :chuks:
  5. Hey guys, it's been a while. I doubt anyone remembers me. I was here for a while, then I wasn't. Now I'm back to take over the Arcade! :fencing: Before I go Off-topic, isn't this the same style outfit Will was wearing in the Miami music video? (Cute kid, no?) Will stole my style :yeahthat:
  6. Was playing with my Camera phone so I decided to post some new pics :paparazziupinthespot: GGGGGOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!
  7. What happened to the crowd in the picture? :lolsign:
  8. I thought the first one was boring, maybe we just went too late to see it because my family and a bunch of other people were sleeping through it. :lolsign:
  9. I generally dont go to middle of no where. Maybe this is just with those American phone companies, but if you go to the "middle of nowhere" there's usually no coverage :hmm:, like in Florida, just go west of Gainsville and no one gets signal :hmm:
  10. Do the points determine what games you can play?
  11. That was so great...I got everyone in the computer lab listening to it, :lolsign:
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