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Faces Behind Post III

Da Brakes

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It's been three years or so since I last posted anything in this topic so...


I'm pretty much looking like I've always done.. bucket hats and hawaii shirts.

beardy Gilligan

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Haha, I have those 'Rocky' action figures too! One for each movie. The 'Rocky IV' one is my favorite.

I also have a big 'Rambo II' poster in my room :laugh:

Sly fan 4ever!

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I went a bit crazy with my student loan at uni and bought all of the figures from series I-VI, then I realised I had no bloody place to put them all! So I sold the majority of them and kept just the first series (the most sought after).

Rocky rules!

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Its definitely been too long since I paid a visit. My semester starts at 11am today (roughly 9 hours from now) :( but over the summer I played a bunch of shows with my band. We did a couple of photos with a pro photographer, but a storm interrupted the shoot. But here are a couple of photos we did. We weren't able to get our Trumpet player in the photo, but we wanted to get the core members. I'm the bass player....as you can see (for those who may remember photos I've posted long ago) I've grown my hair out. I honestly just got fed up with not being able to find a good barber, lol.




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