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I finally saw


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To be honest i thought it was quite good. They reference JazzyJeff and Fresh Prince more than i thought, and Will playing himself for a solid 5 minutes was a joy to watch.

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Yeh i was about to go bed last night then i noticed Jersey Girl was about to start so i thought what the hell.

They mention Rock The House, Girls Aint Nothin But Trouble and Parents Just Dn't understand. Kev Smith was clearly an old fan.

PS - Hitch is shown for the first time on Sky Movies this weekend

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Yeah, its a pretty good movie, I never realised how many references therw ould be to JJFP/WS. In a way the movie is based around Will as he is the client Ben Affleck disses to lose his job, and he is the person who makes him see family comes first. I enjoyed it, very good storyline.

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