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JJ remixes Black Eyed Peas


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...so jeffs black eyed peas remixes get released and not his will smith ones.. whats the deal? :bat:

:word: I also can't believe that DJ Premiere would produce for Black Eyed Peas before producing for Will...

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I like the last part of the track..thanks a lot Timmay! :2thumbs: Cant wait jeff remixes dis one

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DJ Premier actually produced for BEP back in 2000. On their single "BEP Empire." A dope song i might add.

Yes, that where the Black Eyed Peas. Now they are "The Black Eyed Peas With The Girl".

If it comes In Primo producing for them and not for FP.. Well if FP would just ask him he probably would do it.

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I know why people say BEP's style has changed...but it's really not THAT different. I've made mixtapes with stuff from all their albums and while their style broadened, it's not 2 much of a stretch. They've always been different and mixed different music genres and used samples from time 2 time. And Fergie kinda takes the place, the girl who did all the R-N-B vocals on most of their past work. They just made her an official member and put her out there. And she's been doing her thing commerically much longer than BEP has been.

Their new style may not be 4 everyone...but i'm lovin' it. I'll take Beyond The Front any day over the newer stuff, but 2 call them irrelevant is just wrong. They are the hardest working act in Hip-Hop and it's paying off. No gimmicks, just pure creativity and fun. And unlike other people on the charts, THEY LOVE HIP-HOP. Watch them at award shows when other people perform. When MC Hammer did that suprise performance at the MTV Music Awards, they were loosing their mind more than i waz.

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Their singles to me are party tunes but a little simplistic.

Will I Am is a definate talent though. Fergie brings sex appeal but seems to be over used.

Still they definately one of the better things to come into the commercial Hip-Hop market over the last few years.

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One thing that makes me mad, is that they released a single like "My Humps" which is a silly song...and it on the top of the charts. Right after it, they released "Like That" featuring Q-Tip, Talib Kwelie, John Legend, and Cee-Lo. It's one of the best Hip-Hop songs released done in recent years and it didn't get the same success at all.

They quickly followed it up with "Pump It" and that single is getting radio play and getting off the ground pretty easy. The pop fans are speaking when it comes 2 what BEP does commercially.

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