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JJ remixes Black Eyed Peas


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The news comes in advance of the March 21st iTunes release of RENEGOTIATIONS: THE REMIXES, an 8-track EP that arrives in stores one week later as a physical exclusive piece for Best Buy. The final sequence is as follows: 1. "Like That" (album version); 2. "Ba Bump" (Erick Sermon Remix); 3. "My Style" feat. Justin Timberlake (DJ Premier Remix); 4. "They Don't Want Music" feat. James Brown (Pete Rock Remix); 5. "Feel It" (Jazzy Jeff Soulful Remix); 6. "Audio Delite" (album version); 7. "Disco Club" (Large Pro Peas Remix); 8. "Like That" -- Video (iTunes only).

from this article: http://sev.prnewswire.com/entertainment/20...09032006-1.html

this should be interesting.. can anyone tell me what kind of track "feel it" is like?

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Yeah, i knew this BEP Remix EP waz droppin' soon. I didn't wanna post about it until i knew the details were in fact...FACT. I love Black Eyed Peas. Their style, positivity, and creativity has broken down so many doors. Not alot of Hip-Hop artists are doing that anymore. Who can u say is really a pioneer these days? NOBODY!! BEP is one of the only people doin' it.

Since BEP and JJ have done some shows 2gether...i saw this coming. When i 1st saw the tracklisting, i waz hyped.

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Well I like sum BEP songs but I just cant stand my humps! And that song is so big these days :tantrum: I havent heard the "Feel it" track and would like 2 listen 2 it PeaceAngel :stickpoke:

Here's Feel It: http://s4.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=10WM2MOF6NAH11MAFLLUPWV5OH


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I have a feeling that Jazzy remix is gonna be off the chain.. so jeffs black eyed peas remixes get released and not his will smith ones.. whats the deal? :bat:

i think BEp's girlie got sumthin to do wit dat :kekeke:

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