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I may be experimenting, but I still get messages on my screen along the lines of:

"Your spies sucessfully enter MaxFly's armory undetected, and destroy 1 of the specified type of weapon. Your spies all return safely to your camp."

Well I don't have any weapons missing, and ironically, I'm still stronger that you are.

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no kidding....the man has issues

He's tried to sabotage me a few times now... Things haven't gone well for him... Rough

Looks to me like my spies got away. Not so rough now, is it.

I just spied on you. All my spies got in, all got out. Would you like me to post your file in case you're not aquainted with your own stats?

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Yes, I believe he attempted to sabotage my dagger... Yes... dagger... with no "s" at the end. I have one dagger guys... Now I don't know what I'm going to do now that it's damaged. But wait, I've attacked since he's sabatoged it and it's worked just fine... Hmmmm... Someone's spys are incompetent.

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