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i think we have all broken our personal bests for the most posts ever today lol.

MaxFly 130

thePrince 129

J-o-e 81

The Definition 77

Hero1 72

Chief 39

Jazzy Julie 28

Schnazz 27

Turntable 24

WesSyde 22

if Tim put this game up to get us to post more it worked.

What's even more disturbing is that all my posts were relevant...

Dude, you take this game far too seriously :rofl:

Take note in the mod that I've surplanted you for the number 3 spot in the rankings... It took all of 11 minutes... You may have it back... I know something you don't know.

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I have full intelligence files for both of you, I know exactly what you are both capable of. As I said before, you build up big armies around you to make up for other, personal, shortcomings.

I find this MaxFly figure particularly amusing, as he is apparently emboldened by distance and anonymity to such an extent that he feels he holds the right to foist his unwanted and unwarranted horning in on the affairs of others.

Kinnear spem fortuna alit, kirkaldie vigilando ascendimus. lol

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