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I have full intelligence files for both of you, I know exactly what you are both capable of. As I said before, you build up big armies around you to make up for other, personal, shortcomings.

I find this MaxFly figure particularly amusing, as he is apparently emboldened by distance and anonymity to such an extent that he feels he holds the right to foist his unwanted and unwarranted horning in on the affairs of others.

Kinnear spem fortuna alit, kirkaldie vigilando ascendimus. lol

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Prince, how's that number 4 spot you're so fond of... I said that you can have your 3 spot back. You haven't moved to take it yet.

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Dude prince....Chief is stronger than u, jus coz u have 170...he has 213 and probably double the weapons...calm down on the insults to the strong guy, coz the strong guy will kill u haha

I know what I'm doing.

im thinking he is just asking to be my bitch...

Them's be fighting words... I'm interested to see how this develops... I'll simply sit back and instigate.

TYPICAL MaxFly. You stir things up, then sit back and wait to see the winner, then go and ass-kiss, then change sides when ranks change, then ass-kiss again, then stir things up some more, then sit at the side, then get back to kissing ass.... Try and stand on your own feet for once.

There is no place here for lumpenproletariats. Joe, show these two gentlemen to the exit.

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