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:2thumbs: Man that video is awesome,great, the coolest i seen...the other ones were great too but this one deserves the first place! major props! :2thumbs:

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thanks for hosting that Lerkot, if people wanna use his link when promoting then that's cool too...

To be honest, I don't think the bit from bad boys looks like a funny clip, I think it looks really serious, fair point tho!

My Potnas video is on my Youtube page as well if anyone missed that...


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you write it.. ill post it

Since Intersope's promoters don't seem to have two brain cells to rub together between them, Jonny has decided to make his own video to promote Tell Me Why. He spent over 5 days collecting and collating all the clips and pictures and has finally got it perfect. You can watch it on Youtube, download it on Rapidshare or download it via direct link (thanks Lerkot!)...

put the links here Tim!

Please circulate this as much as possible and maybe Will might receive the credit he is due for this amazing track...

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