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Guys Aint Nothin But Trouble - strangest ever


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Yesterday was the very first time I really listened to this track. Its VERY wierd. The sound is annoying, it sounds like every line got a fade in and then a fade out.. Will is really relaxed and the lines "Well my name is the prince and I'm a great rap star / You don't have to use your tokens I've got a jaguar" sounds pretty good, but Jeff sounds very very very strange. He sounds high and half-dead.. its not only the worst track, its also clearly the most strange one - and then remember that JJFP made Then She Bit Me.

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really, u think its the worst one. Well Will and jeff have got a lot better since then considering this was a very very long time ago.

I think its a really original song, its not often you get a story like this, and u never seem to get bored of the story either. Its still funny to this day.This song is a classic, it deserves major props.

I think the one you are listening to with the jaguar line is a different version from the album one. A lot of lines were changed since that one. The album one is better but its still a great song.

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