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Will Smith Fans Domain

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Sup y'all,

I was just wondering, why don't we update the Will Smith Fans domain any more?

We have new fans on this board, we all have new things to add to our collection, we have new links, new art...we could do a MAJOR update to that site! For those who don't remember the site, here's the link


For those who don't know what is it:

AJ and Wes made this site a long time ago, it's about all the JJFP fans that were on the OLD sony board and the old JJFP board!

So what do y'all think?

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Wes waz the computer brains behind the site...and see his post above...ha ha. We talked about updating it months ago but the password thing got in the way. I don't do the whole webdesign thing so i wouldn't be able 2 do it on the solo tip.

I haven't peeped it in ages...i guess i'll check out the time warp that is the Will Smith Fan Domain.

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Ah if you guys don't know the password, that sucks. Because I think Geocities removes the sites that haven't been logged into for a certain length of time.

I look at it every couple of months, actually. Just took another look - can't believe it when I see all the names of the old heads that we don't know anymore. Damn.

Looking at this, I see the community exactly as I remember it. Because it was done a few weeks before I first visited the WS communities.

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