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Favourite Fresh Prince of Bel~Aire Episode

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another great episode is when uncle phil suits carlton and will. will is killing me when he says:
Will: What I offer, is the truth!
Phil: Oh please! Your honor, he is making a mockery of the entire legal system!
Will: Your honor, he is making a mockery of an finely-cut Italian suit!
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Another funny episode is when Will & Carlton had dates with 2 french girls and then their Aunt Helen comes to visit. There were two funny scenes. The first is when Will gets locked in the bathroom with Aunt Helen and Uncle Lester. The second scene is when Will, Carlton and the 2 french girls catch Uncle Phil & Aunt Vivian in the jacuzzi.
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Or when uncle Phil doesn't believe Will, when he told him that he had a job.
uncle Phil to Vivian: "would you believe Will when he would tell you he's a famous rapstar, who's album just went platinum"

or the first episode with the new Vivian, Jazz comes in and looks at her and sais: "someting about you is different" :cheesygrin:
that ep was hillarious

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I like all dis episodz with Tyra Banks :dancingcool:

well and than:
-second episode with jazz as a drummer and Will as a dancer.... later Jazz is scratchin dis classic vinyl :dj:
-dat one when carlton and will are searchin 4 a girl 4 the halloween party
-when jeffrey thought dat he wons millions of money and totally flips out in da livin room...

well, at general: all episonds with Jazz and lotz of "Hip Hop flavour"

Fresh Stecki
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Hey guys... I just joined so... hello!

First of all...sorry for my english.. i mean if you don't understand what I mean... I hope that will not happen...

So I like almost every EP. of FPOBA.... it's really my fav sitcom ever... so it's hard to name some cool ep's... but I Like for example...

The one where Phil hires the guy from jail... you know? I can't give you some quotes cauz I don't know the english ep's of Fresh Prince... but Will said something like... I got a good feeling with this guy... and the best scene is when they came back from a restaurant... and everything is stolen... Will's "dance" is great.... too funny!!

But I also like sad EP's... like the last one... it always sad when Will starts to cry... thats a great acting!!
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[quote=TopDawg14,Mar 13 2004, 03:21 AM]O.K. Someone needs to do a poll or something to determine the best FPOBA of all-time. Everyone has some good posts about favorite episodes so we should just get a top 10 list and then vote on them.[/quote]
why dont we get a shortlist of every1s favorites..nominate your best episodes..maybe 5 each.. and then we can narrow it down from there.. its a good idea..then i could put the list up on the site...
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I can't beleive y'all left out that episode where Will made a bet with Carlton about how Carlton couldn't last the weekend in Jazz's 'hood. That episode was hilarious from beginning 'til end!
"Damn, why didn't we bet money?" Edited by bigted
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