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What are your favorite JJFP songs?


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I know its a tough decision, but I would like to hear your top 5 favorite JJFP songs. If you can't decide, just list a couple of JJFP songs you have been listening to the most lately. You can also put in Jazzy Jeff and Will's solo music too. Sorry if something like this has been posted already. I thought this was a good idea, because I saw your most favorite track thread was posted, but this is your top favorites. Also you don't need to list them in order and you can add a small honorary list for songs that you deserve mentioning too.

Here is my list out of everything I have heard so far:

Rock The House

So Fresh


I Am Looking For The One (To Be With Me)

Jeff Waz On The Beat Box

Honorary mention:

Jazzy's Groove

Hes The DJ, I'm The Rapper

Something Like Dis

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wow its great to see so many mentions of im looking for the one..that is wills best jam after summertime :bowdown::bowdown:

:wickedwisdom: Yeah, that song is dope! I really like the music video. It has a great beat and a smooth groove.

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