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Man, my freestyling is better than that Eminem one u just posted...ha ha. And i havn't focused on freestyling in a long time. :roll:

Sorry about Jay-Z...i can't give him props. I don't think his lyrics are good at all. That explains why his songs never stay on topic if they ever have a topic in the 1st place. I think that's a wack way 2 make songs and an album. Freestyles 99% of the time are never as good as a written song. Writing is where most of the creative process and the real skills show up. Freestyling only proves that u can quickly come up with a rhyme.
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I definetly give Jay-z some props..and I do know that he can freestyle..
I do know that eminem can freestyle reallly good.....
Yo Aj, i really know that you're happy that he just dropped his last album,is that so????
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I'd ahve to give Jay-Z props as well!! I do believe he is ONE of the best doing it right now!! There should be interesting things to come now that he is on Aftermath!! Just imagine Jay-Z over a Dre beat!!! :eek4:

Everyone has there up and down days with freestyle, and there's no denying the fact that Em can freestyle. I mean, he did come 2nd in the rap oylmpics and 8 Mile is basically his life story!!

Has anybody seen the past videos with him battling in The Hip Hop Shop!! He's dissing the guy bout what he's wearing, what he just said, what he looks like etc. No way would he have known all that before. It is genuine, quality freestyling.
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Not being a big fan of Eminem's anymore, even i thought he waz a good freestyler. But i can't give props 2 Jay-Z at all. He has some songs like Ain't No..., The City Is Mine, Sunshine, Girls Girls Girls, etc that i like...but it's just the song i like. And in alot of those cases, it's cuz i like Foxy Brown, BLACKstreet, Babyface or just the production. He simply dosen't make music 4 me.

The way u talk about Em's freestyle is totally what Will's early freestyles were about. The person's looks, cloths, etc. He laffs at battle components who try 2 be hard cuz he just rips them with comedy.
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Of course he wrote all the lyrics for that battle!! He's not gonna freestyle on the set of the movie!! It needs to be structured. Also if you check the hiddden extras you get to see Em battling some of the people from the film. It's all true freestyle!!!

And anyone who doesn't go into a battle with a few prewrittens isn't very sensible!! There are some that he has written a few punchlines for but i mean who doesn't??
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[quote=Wild Child,Jul 12 2004, 04:30 PM]Aj, i don't get it..

Why don't you like Jay-Z????????????? u seem to hagve no reason[/quote]
Let me start off saying that we are pretty good at respecting that we each have our own opinions...so no Jay-Z fans bug out about this.

I don't like Jay-Z and i got plenty of reasons.

He's phony, he simply dosen't live out everything he talks about but he puts up this image like he dose. He's just a joke 2 me. For instance, i think "99 Problems" is a decent song...but u see his little speech b4 and after the video. The Jay-Z in the video dosen't match up with the Jay-Z in the speech who comes off as this soft-spoken guy who can barely organize a sentence.

I think his voice is so annoying...his flow sucks. He just sounds silly when he's tryna be hard but it's not fooling 2 many people. I just can't stand his voice. When he sounds very basic, it's not 2 bad, but alot of the time he overuses his voice and i just can't stand it...just like when Nelly whines in his music and Eminem uses his high pitch voice...JUST STOP.

Girls Girls Girls...whatever. Incase u didn't notice...Jay-Z isn't the nicest looking dude. I think the ice around his neck is blinging so bright that Beyonce is partially blind and can't see his face. The only girls he has 2 be getting is groupies who are down 4 the reputation or money. If he's got a girl and he's treating her right, he's not getting girls girls girls.

Mostly, what makes me not stand this guy is that he can't make songs that have a subject. He just raps...and that's it. His songs never sound complete 2 me. Usually he talks about money, jewerly, and material things...WHO CARES ABOUT THAT STUFF. Nobody wants 2 hear about stuff they've heard talked about for the past 10 years over and over and over again. Whenever it sounds like he makes a song that actually is supposed 2 have a topic, he never stays on it...it still ends up just being a song with words that have nothing 2 do with each other. What's the point of making a song if u say nothing. From what i've heard, that's what the bulk of his material is about.


Now i'm gonna be as fair and say that i think he is a smart business man. He's got his own label and clothing line going on. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing any Roca-Wear mess...but he's being more than an artist and making money. I actually kinda like some of the artists he's signed. Cam'Ron has always been kinda cool (even tho' his career waz already established b4 Rocafella), Kanye West has got some decent skillz, and what's the name of that duo he has that dropped the album titled "Tough Love"?!?! I can't remember their name 4 some reason but i like the 1st 3 singles they've dropped. I'm not comparing them 2 Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Star, etc...but of the commerical stuff that gets air play, they are definitly better than G-AY Unit, Ludacris, J-Kwon, and so on.

Like i said in my post above, he dose have a few songs i like...Ain't No..., Sunshine, The City Is Mine, Girls Girls Girls, Money Ain't A Thing, Excuse Me Miss. Again tho', their guest artists and producer often are the main reason i like the song...certainly not cuz of him.
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In my opinion the rappers are getting too much props fpr their skillz.
Ya know people and kids are saying that Em is the best Rapper of all times and
nobody can freestyle like him. they say "yo man, did you look at 8 Mile?
Did you see Eminem battling at the end? man he could burn every rapper out there!"
They say that Will Smith is a pusxx and softy. The people don't know what they're talking about
Will Smith doesn't get any Props... Man Will would rip every rapper out there if it
would be still 1988. he was known for his battles back in the day...
I mean, who is eminem? he had to make a movie about his live to show the kids his skillz in battles.
Thats wack. I would never do a movie about my live and rap background.
Everybody is talking about Em here and there, but the most of the people don't know
anything about JJFP, Run DMC or other Ol skoolers... thats really sad :(

The young rappers are getting too much props...
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This is my thing...fans of mainstream rap don't know what skillz are, they don't know what good music is...heck they don't even know what 'props' is. Their opinions mean nothing 2 me.
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