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Will freestyled alot when he waz fresh on the scene. It waz one of the things he waz known 4. However, after u establish yourself, there's certain things that take a backseat 2 life...and i think freestyling waz one of them. Then again, we never hear him do it so who knows. Someone saw him perform overseas w/ Wyclef and they freestyled 2gether in the summer of 2002.
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I know Will Can freestyle...And if he signed up 4 a
battle ahainst emenem, it would be tight..So far, i don't think he has that much time 4 battles though...When he was younger, wasn't it like his main thing to do???
Listen to "Numero Uno".. that song might answer your question
aight man.......peace
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Will and Eminem battling would not make any sense. What dose an old skool playa, multi-platnium, Hip-Hop legend have 2 prove 2 some young new jack white kid who has alot 2 prove of himself?!? Will could tear in2 Em if he wanted, but there's just no point.

Will has grown up, started a family and balances a HUGE movie career. He's not spending everyday of his life in a real studio just writing and living life. U out grow that stuff after doing it 4 so long and as your lifestyle changes. I'm not saying Will can't freestyle, but look at his life and career...freestyling simply isn't at the top of his priority list.
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Someone who's not submerged in music all the time might be a lil' rusty. I know that when i go thru' a music phase, i'm good...but when i don't concentrate it then try it...i don't always impress myself..ha ha. I'm not saying he can't do it anymore, i've never seen him freestyle recently. I'm just saying it much more natural when u are submerged in music. Freestyling 2 perform would make sense...but not 2 battle. Will's above that, he's a livin' legend.
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Will was in Germany on a TV Show a long time ago (i think about 4 years)
The Showmaster startet to sing and wanted Will to do a freestyle and it was really
terrible, the beginning was the same like in Wild Wild West, after a short while he didn't know
how to continue... his freestyle was about 10 seconds or something like that.
And one time Will said that he could beat Eminem in a Battle if
he would be still the fresh prince back in the day. And Jeff also said in a german interview on TV that Will is somebody who
could freestyle back in the day...

So in my opinion Will was somebody who could freestyle back in the day as fresh prince, but i think this time is over.
i think he wouldn't have any chances against Eminem, JayZ or somebody else...

Did ya know something about the freestyle battle between Fresh Prince and Steady B in 1988?
i read that there shall be a video of it :dunno:
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[quote=DefCEM,Jul 11 2004, 05:49 PM]So in my opinion Will was somebody who could freestyle back in the day as fresh prince, but i think this time is over.
i think he wouldn't have any chances against Eminem, JayZ or somebody else...[/quote]
I'd have to say i'd agree wid you on that one!!

People like Eminem have dedicated their [b]whole[/b] life to battling! He came up as a battle MC, has had [b]numerous[/b] battles in the limelight and has basically mastered the fine art of it! I don't deny FP came up as a battle MC but he didn't pursue it for very long. From Rock The House in fact i would at all call a battle album.

Will wouldn't be able to stand his ground againgst Em in a battle today. Maybe because Will is out of practise, maybe because the public would laugh at the fact Will would battle Em or maybe Em is better than Will at battling.

All in all Will should stick to what he does best and Em should stick to what he does best (which is not producing trax!! :kekeke:)
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Nah, i don't think. he did a lot of battle rhymes in his songs but not freestyles

one question...
Is Will freestyling on his live act with jeff and ready c at the union square in new york 1986?
You know he's rapping something about Jeff and himself later.

JJFP Rocks The House
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I just think it's something most emcees out grow after awhile. I don't see it as a weakness at all that freestyling dosen't seem 2 be one of his main focuses either. He's not living and breathing just music anymore. He's grown up, started a 2nd career with acting and has a family...who is honestly gonna keep up with freestyling.

I defintly don't think Will has any freestyled verses on his albums. Will dose this thing that almost no rappers do anymore....STAY ON TOPIC. When u hear songs by most rappers these days, their topics are so lazy and sloppy that the songs aren't really about anything. Check most Luda, 50, Jay-Z songs. They talk about alot of crap that dosen't mean anything. The verses usually have nothing 2 do with each other. Will's songs have a certral focus on the topic and tell a story from the 1st line 2 the last...even on the party trax. It takes really good freeystyler and a quick mind 2 do a full song, much less a full verse totally focused on one topic and with more 2 say after the main ideas have been stressed.

p.s. who actually thinks Jay-Z can freestyle?!? :eek4:
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Jay-z can freestyle...he does it all the time! He hears a track, 1 one time, thinks about the lyrics..goes in the booth and records it...in just one take! He doesn't write his stuff down..that's a well known fact in hip hop!
I know you don't like jay-z...but you gotta give the man his props!
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eminem is not a good freestyler at all, really its just that most of the time when people ask for a freestyle hde gives them a dope prewriten rhyme. but I heard him actually feestyle and it went like:"in the house// it really dosnt mathr couse ill still turn it out// when im smacking you spouse//, your style should switch// becouse you aint rich// thats why you aint rich//, you remain underground cant get up the top// cant drop rhymes non stop// like this// im a land mine//, you dont understand mine//, the illest mc of our time//

Really, but I dont know if WIll is any better :P and in a battle ofcourse eminem would dop prewriten rymes aswell
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