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GScotty stop right there

your rhymes are a nightmare

player please drop to your knees

you aint no hustler you aing got no Gs

you aint seen no cheese

you aint slangin **** so please

cease with that gangsta ****

cause you aint said ****

look ive read your flow

but you aint moved no dro

you need to be placed in a correctional facility

for wack rappers who write on walls why nobody feeling me

Its simple see

I come willingly

and I try to inovate

where as you facilitate

a droning mental state

look crook you aint shook up

so set in your ways forget to look up

you stay doin what you doin

I come in 1 simple rhyme leave you in ruins

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Didn't Wanna Go Here...But Ya Gave Me No Choice Man

Ya'll so whack it takes you 10 minutes to get dressed

Sticking out ya chest just proving that you getting stressed

I can't help it if you keep coming for a premature death

Ya'll from the hood huh? shooting guns to ya last breath

One of these day's ya'll goin to run into someone ya dont like

Pay the price ya the sacfrice and the price is ofcourse your like

Like the sick flow do you know where Joe gets this so-so

Hit you with a low blow, no mo' the lights green so go-go

But since i'm in the mclaren and you sitting in a Nova

Now tell me how the fúck can you be just like Hova

2pac and Biggie would be rolling around in they graves

Treating you like slaves, lock you in just dark caves

Watch you piss yourself, spit on his weath, lose your health

My rhymes are too hot so watch all of ya'll just melt

It don't bother me, you see, high level than a degree

Place to pee, on your forehead? How nice of thee, see

Maybe it's time to call you a bítch then you can just switch

Move in the other direction infection affection, i got an itch

For this rap ****, me KBF and Tim we will just own you

But if ya'll get better, then I might just go and phone you

At the moment i'll past, rather whoop your ass, finish fast

I'm getting a speeding ticket, help me get it, you finish last

Like the way I spit it down? Want a crown, get out my face

Do up your shoe lace your stamina is lowering, keep up the pace

Only reason I write long rhymes is that it should get in ya head

1 more rhyme and your dead, the JJFP forum with have bloodshed

I dissed and dismissed gscotty right at the begining

Don't understand that we winning, while he can be just sinning

Go to hell while you go to jail, living well, fúck hell

I'd rather live the rest of my life in a seven by seven cell

Your useless, I don't even know why the fúck i'm spitting

When all the **** that you using has already been bitten

So go home, got no time just to be fúcking around with you

Just like gay marriage, ya'll can go ahead and say I do


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Guest renagade_tim

look fools wat you now bout rap aint ****//

matta fact all yall a bitch cause i am on my way on gettin rich//

this aint no segregation but i have the domination//

this is my rap nation dissin me was the biggest mistake in your generation//

mayne my raps get inflation because of the crap yall call rap//

this is my weakest because i am freestylin it in school//

way better the ja rul you gay ass fools//

wat yall no about skeet skeet when u jus spit out gleet gleet//

cause wat u all no about purple when u jus take a big gurple//

jus like Gipp i got them purples got em yellows and got em reds//

but my raps will make you wozzie in your head//

all yalls prewriten compistition is nutin you should do if you tryin to get domination//

these 12 bars will give me plenty of cars unlike you fake stars//

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I've never written a battle verse but I gotta feed this to ya

To GScotty and Concept, Joe and KBF really blew ya

Joe's got enough talent to write long rhymes

You just take a few seconds and you think it shines

Your rhymes like macaroni, they're really quite cheesy

You gotta step up your game if you ever wanna please me

This is my first battle verse, but I got what it takes

While you sit there and think your rhyme sizzles and bakes

You think you're like Hammer, you're too legit to quit

Better put an end to it homie, your raps ain't nothin but sh!t

As for madblck167, rapping about balls and such

Is that all you can rap about, or do you think that's too much?

If you got nothing good to say, don't say anything at all

Just back down and watch the true battlers stand tall...

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Guest renagade_tim

Yo Yo Yo if i really do sux then how come you edited your post the first time//

is because at first you wrote a whack rhyme and yall think yall good the good people//

are me Funky Fresh Chik J-O-E and KBF so i no we would all win uless you the reef//

yall make it seem like you can rap wit your one line hits mayne **** that ****//

if you want to be good then you wouldnt diss my click so all yall haters//

yall probalay some more masterbater so do i reallt have to teach//

or do you want me to turn around a preach up to you lil kids//

most of yall gettin scholled by mne a 14 year old kid//

so look at wat you made me did everytime i read your raps i am lmao//

mayne wat you got drunk off of smirnoff and these r my weakest raps//

but all yours you put thought in and they still whack so meet John Cena//

betta yet step in my arena yall postin like you can rap most of you should get slap//

boy you need to knock off that crap so here we go i am go to rap like you//

i suck at rap so i dont know what to do mayne i wish i could rap like you

now let me say this u act like a pimp when you a wimp and your dick is limp//

so wat you goin to stick so kiss my ass and go back to your dick suckin class//

wat is takin yall so long to reply oh wait i no why did i knock you out the game or did i knock you out the sky// :rofl:

Edited by renagade_tim
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fo da renagades and both of ya fans yall probbaly homless homos holdin big white fans i will slay all u cats on da lyrical tip manniose colored benz i push miracle whips i will serve u fools put u on a skillet while ya moms is givn me anotha shiznit

ima g buddy dont cross da yellow tape

befire make ya whole face muddy

my rhymes is better den all da renagades havin a fag fight

i can laugh wen i say cus i aint afriad to spray it!

wen da mack 11 goes out ya momma pull her t*tties out

nah meen Mad Block

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Here you come again rapping about shiznit and titties

Come on man, your lines could bore baby kitties

I told you before, you gotta step up your game

But you're staying low and keeping it the same

You can't get respect with whack rhymes like that

And you're struttin around thinkin you're all that

I'll break it down for ya, I'll set one thing straight

Your raps are worthless and they're making me irate

I know I'm not the only one beating you down

Me, Joe, and KBF are takin the crown

So you might as well back down cuz you got no skill

Just reading your lines makes me feel so ill

You gotta be a bit more mature if you want us to remember your name

Otherwise you'll never be able to stand the game...

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Guest renagade_tim

fo da renagades and both of ya fans yall probbaly homless homos holdin big white fans i will slay all u cats on da lyrical tip manniose colored benz i push miracle whips i will serve u fools put u on a skillet while ya moms is givn me anotha shiznit

ima g buddy dont cross da yellow tape

befire make ya whole face muddy

my rhymes is better den all da renagades havin a fag fight

i can laugh wen i say cus i aint afriad to spray it!

wen da mack 11 goes out ya momma pull her t*tties out

nah meen Mad Block

You talkin bout my momma wit your weak rhyme scheme//

trick please oh my bad you a G then y is your name badcock167//

is it because u wont be able to get into heaven//

dissin the renagades is the worst thing you could do now y because i am through//

wit you the renagades will rule the game from wat i am seein Scotty is betta and he drinkin bacadi//

and your raps give me lyrical pain readin your raps make me wonder y u still in the game//

like funky fresh said Me KBF JOE and her r takin the crown i no that wont said but i've provin my self now//

you use wack ass nouns mayne my friends kid could take you down//

u talkin bout sparyin it when all we read is sh*t so guess wat in your mouth is your own t*t//

you talkin bout a yellow tape mayne these lyrics against you is like rape//

so now who is the one wit the muddy face not me cause who u talkin 2 not me na not me//

mayne if u was i might have to show how to get things for free wit out the 5 finger discount you fake G//

so you need to stop written and have it come from the heart that is a lil tip for start//

wat is up wit you and fag is it because you dress in a rag//

on my account you was neva in the game so right now i am erasin your name MadBlock167//

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Oh, so you want real disses, do you?

So sorry, I was busy screaming til my face was blue

I read your raps and I thought you were 5 years old

So I didn't wanna take it too hard or else you'd be left in the cold

But what the hell, what do I care

I know you're sittin being blinded from the glare

You know you just ain't good enough, just admit

Your rhymes stink, they're reeking like dog sh!t

Feel the poison from my rhymes running through your blood

They're so strong, not even a vaccine would be good

My lines so hot, you're dying from second hand smoke

You can take the pressure but soon you'll start to choke

And then you wanna get back at me for the things that I say

Probably something about my mom's titties and my dad being gay...

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Guest renagade_tim

i dont now y we wastin our time//

on this fool when he cant rhyme//

so lets take him back to school//

my lines r very short because i can rap and be cool//

i am takin on my celly right now whille you cryin puttin food in your belly//

mayne put the pen and paper down this is supose to be a freestyle//

and you tryin to act all hard and wild//

mayne compared to me you only a child//

lyrically you stink so go put that down on paper and think//

i aint even goin to post a whole rhyme//

want to know why because for him it is pajama time//

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Don't pay atention to Mad Block, he's just another wannabe

Down there taking notes while we flow briskly, style stately

Our crew holds it down on all cylinders like a tricycle

His flow is suspect like a kid on his first bicycle

But if Mad insists on trying to battle, then i'll grant his request

But you better be prepared to see the end to your conquest

You failed, had your chance but just another blown prospect

Lost all respect, now you're just another enemy for me to dissect

Freestyles weak, been stepped on so many times they creak

It took you that long to write? It's sh!t, it reeks

I better get you a rememdy for stinking calloused feet

You don't even have a flow, your words keep going outta line

You can't even rhyme, the only hype verses are mine

So FunkyFresh and Renagade have dissed you, but you still don't get it

You're the worst, snap your rhyme book shut and forget it

Your vocabulary is nonexistant and your rhyme scheme isn't there

You're talking about homos while your content is damn near bare

Mad's verses can only stand when sexuality is involved

I guess he's just another future molester case waiting to be resolved

But we all know the ignorant won't listen

Even though you're sitting there watch how your eyes glisten

Sit there, take it in and get out if you wanna save face

You're beat, when you bow your head we all know you aint saying grace

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yo you said my dick is limp well thats true

i dun beat off to forums, im not like u

stop sayin i said stuff i would never say

stop usein the same lines u used yesterday

and o u need to stop rappin my "mayne"

r u from the south, thats y ur so lame

them rymes go nowhere, wut they about

quit rappin before i slap u in ur southern mouth

see i be a lyrisist and u juss rap

o scratch that, u cant even do that

i laughed wit gscotty, earllier today

he woulda spit,but in school thats juss gay

in the torninment facin me is wut u should dred

come on, you suck and thats enough said

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