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Guest renagade_tim

u sayin southerns cant rap//

when your raps r so whack//

u sayin u dont beat of to forums//

thats a lie you probaly put on a condom that warms//

i should of fired of so many horns//

oh yea MAYNE you sayin i dont have game when you the one who is really lame//

and i aint usin the smae rhymes from yeterday cause you jus gay//

is there anymore i need to say oh wait let me put u in the same catgorey as MadBlock then you both be my bait//

like i said before but in a different form//

when i am done wit you i am goin to have to put up yellow tap to seal your fate//

mayne come down south and watch who we really roll//

oh wait you would say sumtin you'd regret and be a mayne bait//

watch my swagga you'll see that i am a southern cracker//

but unlike me your rhymes get whacker and whacker//

MadBlock dissin ppl is more then i sucked ya momma t*t matta fact that line was still sh*t//

you 2 jus need to stop rappin if you diss me once again watch what happens//

oh p.s. you goin against me would be a nightmare cause when i post you will be in a lyrical stare//

cause if you ask KBF my rhymes can end up like Many Mayne (wish death)//

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ey im dat dude dese fools da renegades can get easily sprayed i aiant commercial my dude im da deal in da field ima blast u through ya skully cap and ima hold my fitted cap back cus i stay strapped hop ff my stick i dissed u now u wanna flip sh*t ur rhymes is corney u bore me im yawin in ya face do u smell da mornin taste its smells sh*tty like ya rhymes

back up back up rewind badcock167 whos is dat get it str8 madblock167 holdin it down always when u see my names dis u hold ya head up cus if u a star ima galaxy trigga one smirk will merk all ya personalites trigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mad block f*ck renagades

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Yo u say my rhymes is whack and u aint gonna reply we all know that u juss scared deep down inside..is it because u saww me at ur gurls house da otha night...matter a fact u should ask i was dooin sumfin in her house....buhh if u really wanna know i had my eggroll and dumplins in her mouth....ayo i juss kiilt know do u wanna reply alll da renegades is lil gurls dat always cry...bit*chin bout dumb sh*t while im rippin ma clips...cuz when i start clappin u betta stop rapin cuz ima put u to shame u are know fired from dis game.

Madd Blokc 167

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Guest renagade_tim

Mayne how you goin to have your "eggrolls and dumblins" in here mouth when you aint got none//

you say i am scurred when actually i am you nightmurr//

so right hurr i am the murr tryin to rap mayne you jus whack//

u say we lil girls and i am afraid which it should actually be you a joke and a lie//

your rhyme scheme aint nutin to be happy about//

my rhyme screem will make your mother shout//

so i am bout to show you wat the south bout//

so when my guns go a clappin you need to stop rappin//

cause i stay trill still in the ol' skool coopdaville//

you talkin like u superior i got this next part from my dawg//

when actually my rhymes make you hard in the gential area//

so step out of the fog and walk in the smog cause do i have to spell it out for you//

the R.E.N.A.G.A.D.E.S are the next big thing//

so Renagade$ all the way you make a mockery out of this game//

there if i said it slower it would be cut it out dawg its over//

so you a big disgrace end of case//

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Yall takin' this to serious, It doesn't mean ****,

Wait till the unofficial battle, I'm walkin away with it,

I'm the king and all yall are my maids,

This funky fresh chick needs to go somewhere and get laid,

This sh*t should come to an end bc it will never stop,

All yall need to get ready for the next battle so I can make my way to the top,

I'm settin' yall up to lose, you might as well just quit,

Hero 1 can't even see me he should just lose it,

Tryin to diss me, make fun of me and leave me in ruins,

You got over one thousand posts on this site and I don't see you improvin',

How could you be the administrator and be the wackest one?,

How could you rap seriously and me rap for fun?

Read your lines out loud, listen to the flow,

There somethin weird about it somethin' in there needs to go,

Lets see if you listen to me and take my advice,

Don't comeback wit that bullsh*t bc you may get dissed twice.

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Guest renagade_tim

boy stop rappin that sh*t is not wat happenin//

you sayin you settin us up mayen shut the hell up//

before you get snuffed i'll throw your around like you was a lil a$$ clown//

matter fact right about now i should be gettin the crown//

KBF you be the reef and who is the best//

you no the letters the R to the S choose who is the best//

none of yall no how to rap i am takin on 3 and i still aint whack//

cause unlike you i am obligated and your overrated//

and you hatted and cant wait till i am about to fade//

so lets start a raid i am here to change the game//

cause i am Tim from the Renagade$//

so whats new pussy cat wo wo wo wo//

so nwo take that wo wo wo //

you no my gat click clat click clat click clat//

this is my weakest rap and you still whack//

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I'm questioning the level of your mental state

So let me see if I can get this straight

Mad Block talks about nothing but sex

Same old sh!t one verse after the next

And GScotty's telling me to go get laid

While's he's making up some whack rhymes so he can get paid

Sometimes I wonder if these people will get a life

Just sitting in front of the computer and feeling the strife

Because you can easily see that we can't be beat

And WE is Joe, KBF, Renegade, and me

My eyes are watering, you're rhymes are fuming like onions

And madblock, whatcha saying about "eggrolls" and "dublins"?

Well it's not like you can think of anything else to say

You're too busy going around having sex all day

Because you have no life and we all know that's true

That's why our rhymes kill, we got better things to do

Well I better be off, so goodbye for now

I gotta go get myself laid now, wow...

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~hey ****y fresh chick * check this out * ~

"Sometimes I wonder if these people will get a life

Just sitting in front of the computer and feeling the strife"


How many times do I have to tell you? Once twice or three times?,

Make some damn sense while you type your rhymes,

Now we have F.F.C who said we're on the computer all the time,

Check how many posts you have and then check mine,

I don't need 20 lines to get my point across,

After you read the first line you knew who was the f*ckin boss.

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sorry gscotty, well never get copition in this quarrel

well have better luck battling a wit a squirrel

they all know they lost but juss wont stop

these kids dun no more the 4 artist in hip hop

ther list will cosist of will smith and thats it

well guys u lost this battle, time to admit it

me and gil came in and franklly we strait sh!tted

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Another pathetic rhyme once again, they just won't give

Too hard headed to accept defeat, but if you continue you won't live

The battle's coming up, this was just a warm up drill

When you'll finally realize WE've got the run of the mill

But until then I guess I'll just have to play a long

Pena and Scott have no originality, just singing the same song

Did you question our hip hop knowledge when you're obsessed with G-Unit?

When you're tryna figure out our rhymes like a Shakespere sonnet

But ah well, you'll never learn will keep battling on

Poser, that's you, you know concept's song

Same goes for Scott, Scotty wants to be the king anoint

You better get off the joint cause your rhymes don't have a point

You made a great statement though, it's obvious you're a newbie

You don't need 20 lines? Yesterday how many did you write at 6:40?

Come on homie, you can't be contradictory

WE'll catch you everytime, run into a us solid like a hickory

Watch my flow addicting like sticky sweet honey

And watch the eggs drop into my basket like the Easter bunny's

Pena and Scott can't freestyle, that's becoming evident

The only way you'll restrain me is if you get an order from the president

fo da renagades and both of ya fans yall probbaly homless homos holdin big white fans i will slay all u cats on da lyrical tip manniose colored benz i push miracle whips i will serve u fools put u on a skillet while ya moms is givn me anotha shiznit

ima g buddy dont cross da yellow tape

befire make ya whole face muddy

my rhymes is better den all da renagades havin a fag fight

i can laugh wen i say cus i aint afriad to spray it!

wen da mack 11 goes out ya momma pull her t*tties out

nah meen Mad Block

Isn't that from Kanye West? :jusmindyabizness:

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Gscotty you probably still suck on your mothers titty

Them rhymes are good, good as in just plain ****ty

See I can be witty, and who's the fúcking boss

I'll cross you just to see the fact that you just loss

Explain to me your brain, are you insane?

Or just lame, because it's just the same game

Madblock is a crazed sex addicted who cant think

Gscotty should just chill out and have another drink

Getting worked up? you want people to notice

I'm a lotus speeding past you, hope you focus

Because you need to, switch fears fast on bítches

If it came down to it, but theres a few hitches

After riches fortune and fame? Man that's lame

Look what you became, picture this in a frame

It's your death setence, the time has just come

The battles done, this is it, go and sucky your thumb

See i'm a writer your a bitter, on the defensive

It's getting intensive, now im on the offensive

You want to try ****? make you flip the script

Girl has ya whipped, ya tripped, bust ya lip

Can you stand us? about to bust and just cuss

For no apparent reason, your fingers got puss

Running out of room, whipe it up with a diry broom

Go get a prostitute just for you to be a groom

Your just dirty while i'm just plaining dissing you

But don't worry, when ya gone, i wont be missing you

I should piss on you, maybe take a shít on you

I've already done the following, I done spit on you

Taking it as an insult, well lets just hope so

Back's against the rope, how can you cope this flow?

Your an old lady, you don't derserve to be here

Your queer, whats that on your cheek? a tear

He's crying, he's dying so there's no denying

That i'm just frying this up, now just stop lying

How did this battle go from pages 1 to six

I'm up in the mix, go have chicks with dícks, bítch.

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