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i dont copy lines kanye i move da kan-ye(hahahahah)

he stole from me buddy cant u see

my rhymes is hot just like ya block afta i come through

i take ya timbos and rub dem in dodo

butt enuff of me i ready waitin to see

a rhyme for u i dont look past ur first line

dam ya sh*t is week

are you past ur peek? are you freshout?

i suggest u pop in ya favorite CD and take note of what i tote

rhymes is like a mack pack so i can clack clack clack

and dden ur gone

joe i do say ur actual name come at me when ur not lame buddy


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This guys insominac, He dont want to sleep

Well imma make him, then make him weep

Hope in a jeep, and just go and run you over

Or run after your fat ass with a meat clover

I don't take you serouis, I just dont need to

Look at the weed do. Didnt think about part 2?

Are you crazy you baby, stop your crying

your a man damnit, stand up, stop lying

I should slap you in the face with a wet fish

Serve it to you on stainless steel dish

Put pastries init for ya, that will make ya mad

make ya sad but at the end it gone be bad

we all know the results, so just let it go

your not even a h*e, this is how i flow

Take it or break it, love it or leave it

With ya weapons, throw em or conceal it

This is weak but it jumps on ya losing streak

Make you freak, the pressures reached the peak

Funky can take you, then KBF can break you

You don't know the level of the stakes, do you?

Are you dumb, feel a bit numb? left arm

your in harm, don't be alarmed, calm down

don't frown because you dont know how

i'm here to make you smile, its worthwhile

just for me to tell you i hate you in a freestyle

Mesin with me is like dressing the queen

a teen straight on the scene, hot like a dope fiend

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ey dis dudes form da uk

ur sure ur not gay

i took a look back

and like cooked crack

i said A dey jokes was mad bologni

and i spelled dat wrong u fony's

i sick sayin Im a G but it is wat it is

page seven is mine just f*ck u otha kids

wait till da torney ima bust ya ass

now back to da past

somebody said i was upsest wit sex

i use da techs dey da best

its all over now... see u in da torney

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Guest renagade_tim

anyone know wat this dude is talkin bout i dont

I'm back like the don cu crack wit a brand new rap//

so take your lil kindergarden rhymes make to your side//

you dont even no were i reside i reside on the south eastside//

wanna join ride like i said before i am the beast from the east//

and my rhymes roamn the streets cause this aint no Rasaq//

boy so who you aint goin to rock this dude probaly a dyke named mike//

so i am goin to have to copy Rasaq a lil bit//

drag his body in the river throw his bosy in the bay//

wit a not note around his throat and you no wat it say//

call the shots boy oh u want some you a fag madblock//

you a fag mad block you a fag and you r the one and only fad//

that is sumtin we already had you cuppy fag//

wat is up wit you and sex mayne is it because you think your schlong is a t-rex//

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