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Knock the dust off the mic and let me rock it

Tell Gscotty he should just simply drop it

I've beaten him once, twice, maybe three times

So why does that stop me doing, 5 maybe six rhymes

I'm sick of this cat so let me hit this back

He say's he's ready but we all know he's whack

I'm doing this for fun with no gun, not a sucker

I'll tell the truth, my lyrics will just shít him up

Punchline after punchline i'll just hit him up

I'm sick of people starting **** they can't finish

Let me explain, this will only take me a minute

Ur pathetic and there's no way in hell you can win

Even if you take a new disguse and sip some gin

You probably went away for 6 months to learn

But being in that postion will only let me to burn

Money to earn so tell me why you want to start

When you know that imma leave you wit a broken heart....

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Yo Jerk-Off-Everday, Guess who's back,

My rhymes are authentic not that bull sh*t that you call "whack"

You know you lost before just admit,

Just be a real man bc you know you quit,

I fought you to the point where you just gave up,

Havent seen "Punjabi" in a while oops I mean your man "Bracesup",

After my last rhyme I never heard from you before,

As soon as I post somethin new you come back for more,

You're like a nat that follows me around, trying to rid of me,

But yet you realize how impossible it has come to be,

Ill have you scared for life, hearin sh*t you never heard before,

I'll have you runnin' from this site J-o-e there will be no more,

You're at a disadvantage this is a win-win situation,

My advice to you is to not choose this as your occupation,

You don't have Bracesup to bail you out anymore,

It's just Me vs. You, you chose to open that door,

You better write your rhymes down before you type,

Whoever sees this battle don't believe the hype,

I know Joe's got yall thinkin' that he can spit and that he can rhyme,

Well his conscience made a bad decision he should have listened the first time,

One side was saying, Don't f*ck wit GScotty, The other side was sayin'battle him he's nobody,

We'll see who's real when this comes to an end, Well we already know who's real and who's tryin to pretend. :thumbdown:

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GScotty comes back with whole new material

But his boasts reign empirical damn downright hysterical

Let me break it down, you're in Numero Uno, the place where the best lay

Not a play where you and your boy friend have one of your girlie frays

If I'd known you'd come back I would have made you a bed in the stable

Cause your rhymes are so poor you don't know fact from fable

But I'm stable, always here rockin' steady beatboxing like Ready

Already got a fanbase while you look at my images from getty

Scotty still in a child like state of mind, he's blind to the masses

You're like Stevie Wonder in a big hall looking for your glasses

I said it, I meant it, you're a joke anyone could see

Scotty would give up and I'd be victorious inevitably, once again

This boy's pen ran out as soon as he started getting beat

My lyrical punches will stick to ya like a soccer field with cleats

First dissed and dismissed by Joe now by the amazing, hold it

Why even diss him when he’s coming with prewritten composition?

I unfold it, now ya hiding from me in the closet, don’t bother

Imagining we’re all after you sexually like your father?

I’m sorry, but even with your mind you must know by now

The better MC, me will reign now take your last bow

Feel the heat rising up from the lyrics that I spit?

You better start rethinking bout using those lines that you bit

And I know ya shaking your head, laughing but ya should be worried

While ya in ya stable taking the dirt nap, you might be buried

Overwhelmed by the lyrical prowess of the kid, kbf

The title I’ll hold from now til the moment of my death

While ya jokes are fun on the street, talking to your friends

This is the big stage, you challenged me? Pay your dividends

I know you won’t manage a half decent reply

Still busy wiping the sweat and tears off your blood shot eyes

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So you're names G and 2-1-4-0. Area code?

I don't know you check my new flow

You like it just like icing ontop of a cake

I'm like that cubex cube u can't break

I'm solid as a bull and your weak

Run into me better start your losing streak

Because I'm not on your level, bítch

Opps I have an itch u can just die in a hitch

Because I don't care anymore u muppet

I'm playing you as a fool, master of the puppet

Why you dissin Bracesup when he riped you

Come on face it dog he done spit on you

He's finished and I'm not even there yet

Your at high risks don't play without the debt

You think you can rap, without dedication

Sinking medication for the hope of masturbation

I don't mean to sound rude but he's a jack ass

The long race losing his pace but he come last

I'm taking you to lyrical school 101, you can learn

Then you can earn to battle me, I just burn

I can't help it, It's what I was just born to do

Born to screw peoples heads like PVA Glue

Understand what i'm saying not what you said

I've told you a few times before, get it into ya head

I'm sick of this lead, running out of my pencil

It don't take much for me to write something simple

Just to diss your ass so quick you don't know what hit you

Your the mailman and i'm the pitbull coming to bit you

Take a lesson from your mistakes, had a good day

But when I read that I wish you would stay and away

And if you are so good, why didn't you start it first

Love blood it's my thirst, but whats even worst

Is that you trying to mock me, you can't rock me

Homie i'm on the top see, you can stop me

My flow is flawless and there who and how

Take a shave have a bathe stop that foul

Smell you doing well In hell you stupid punk

Playing punk only because his father was a drunk

Take a second to listen exactly what your missin

You got me confused with some other person you was dissin

Let's faced it I'm keeping on this on wax and serving you

I don't want to go as far as mentally hurting you

Stop acting and start reactin, act like a man, shape up

Like you got **** on your face, whipe off that make up

Damn right it's just you and me, can you hide?

Opps sorry did I hurt you dog, hurt your pride?

I really don't want to do this but since you started

The game ain't the same so it gonna leave you broken hearted

No i'm down with this fool, he's just below me

So before get to know me, Got that homie?

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I take you out on a subliminal level

You want that skill, you sold your soul to the devil

Bad transaction, you aint so slim

Your rhymes are just as soul-less as him

Im not sayin your hardcore or an ill mc

Im saying you need help at the highest degree

Immediatly you can feel my flow

Dangerous on the mic, places you dont go

You take us back to the third grade

when "die in a hitch" was the insults made

Not only do you spit like a kid, you think like one too

Area codes're three numbers idiot, please review

Your thinkin too hard, cool off, just rinse

Lets take our names literally, han is a prince

That means shes got some balls danglin down

Along with that trait shes wearin a crown

I know one thing about that statement is true

Its easy, but i'll leave it up to you

We start sh!t, you say we dont finish

You cant except the fact you didnt win dis

Straightin Your facts and maybe you'll get some place

Insted of spittin rhymes that got no taste

You both are horrible rappers, a waste of time

You spit random sh!t, just so its longer than mine

Gonna kill you with my finishing line

'Because I'm not on your level, bítch

Opps I have an itch u can just die in a hitch'

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Ok mike well it looks like its round two

they say you won but honestly i beet you

peoples is talkin 2 me sayn he dissed ya

meen while i deserved to be the victor

you call yourself concept, its crazy dum

the word means- abstract idea made in the cranium

that aside well let the past be the past

i got this battle, itll end real fast

sorry mike im gunna have to expose ya

show the site u talkin bout yourself in poser

i picked up the clues its ur autobiography

you can fool yourself, but dont lie to me

dont start rapin cuz u liked 8 mile

and take that lacost off thats a crockidile

oh incase u didnt know it should be an aligater

anyone else readin this, u can get it later

this aint real spittin this juss my trial

easlly won the battle wit my koolaid smile

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J-o-e looks like my man Concept made a fool of you,

all I have to say is d*amn

All of those garbage lines you wrote,

get thrown in the trash can,

And for "KBFPRINCE",

My rhymes are rich not 'poor',

I thought I was just bustin J-o-e's a*s,

Well there's room for more,

As you can see it took J-o-e 50 lines,

bc he was so upset,

He wishes he never challenged me,

Thats his 4th regret,

He's has lost 4 times and has failed to accept,

There's no messin' with GScotty and d*mn sure not with Concept,

KBFPrince is like the toilet seat that I'm about to piss on,

J-o-e follows him bc I'm about to sh*t on him,

You better think real hard before you type your next rhyme,

Concept and I need new competition stop wastin' our time.

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Every time that you rhyme it makes me sick

You dick, here's a trick, that's why i'm quick

I flow flawlessly while you can count ya dimes

Get with the times, rhymes ain't good lines

Do I need to get a tattoo to say your thru?

Talk bout your crew, just step in my shoe

Will Is Ill just kill so you can try and be real

Realer than my little finger, how that feel?

Pay attention class is in session, cut the tension

Not to mention the disscusions on your pension

I would love to say that I started this

Only 1 diss so don't get your fúcking panties in a twist

Calm down, only a game, not for any fame

Your too lame, your just exactly the same

Two different minded people, battling it out

Without a doubt your mother can shout

She can moan when she all on her own

Your father has already known, she blown

And who's concept because he's just next

Sorry dude, no time for homosexual sex

Only reason i'm throwing 50 lines into this

Is because it takes 3 of you to make one diss

Gscotty can just be my personal toilet paper

Player hater i'm bigger than a fúcking sky scraper

I'm a hijacked plane about to just crash

Finish last because he's too fast, Whoop his ass

I don't care who you are, and what you done

I don't shoot with a gun, because the games won

No need for me to say, ya'll just fúcking pussies

Too mushy for you to ever just push me


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I'm educated, I knock a kid, bright, wit sunny-clothes/

have the cops wipe the mess up, like a bloody-nose/

if im not where I'm supposed to be, how can i get where I'm headed/

but GS I'm wit JO, so lay low, i said-it/

you know what im mad, imma be kickin ya A**/

you da kid think u tough breakin pencils in class/

talkin back to the teachers, yelin at ya classmates/

you can't get a girl, dawg but thats why u masturbate/

i have-ta-hate, cuz from class im late, matta fact, I'm truint/

but if i'm first to tell ya, then ya life is ruined/

aw what ever

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Hypocritical verse, cause you say im over hype

When your gettin pissed off bout it, it looks like,

I got to you down on that level i explained

Where something just snapped down in your brain

But your minds messed up, just like from cocaine

And your playin it off like 'the man untamed'

"do i need to get a tattoo to say your thru?"

you'll do anything to beat me, even f*ck up you

How deperate can one man be?

You went beyond the limit if your askin me

I mean someones a lil too obssessed

Im just spitten a few and givin my best

The threads growin and were gettin some views

So joe takes the time to accent his U's

So he can feel special that the actual word is there

Ignorant bastard, listen to me, nobody cares

Your not proving anything, that doesnt make you better

Does your mom know you did that? I think'd upset'er

So i have nothing more to say, then be mature

Everyone agrees cause they all concur


Pena your probaly the worst rapper on this site

I feel bad for someone who never won a fight

For the readers here, i know this guy

Known for spitten writtens, he'll say its a lie

But on a second note, he doesnt like Will Smith

Hes on the G-Unit site too, he told me to come with

He says that they have battles too and their "mad good"

Cause pena is a gangsta and trys to be hood

You wear your G-Unit shirts every day

Your over obssessed like a fan thats gay

But you listen to nas now did it ever occur,

You pretend you like real rap, bitch whos the poser?

But im not gonna diss you for personal preferance

I'll talk bout you and worsen your offense

You want a rap name like Concept, but thats me

Everyone at school can feel your jeoulsy

But you say my name like its an insult

Not havin a rap name doesnt make it my fault

Your sittin and wonderin what your doin

Raps a differnt langauge but bitch im fluent

I'll wait for your reply cause you rap like a fool

You lost, I want no excuses at school

Edited by WILL IS ILL
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You piss on people, so that's how you roll

Scott you're so pathetic that you gonna miss the bowl?

See Concept come in, got ya back for one round and ya think it's done

But you can't come close to Joe and KB, squinting at us like the sun

Concept knelt to your level, I wonder what else he's doing there

Wack rappers must stay together I guess, and y'all make a fine pair

Our rhymes will keep striking ya, love it or hate it

But untimately you're going down like it was premediated

I hate to say it, but Concept, you're going no where

When you have to resort to your fantasies to come at me, resist the glare

Of my rhymes, you know in time you'll give up your dream

And drop out, a McDonalds candidate like all those washed up teens

If you wanna take things literally here's one for you to ponder bout

If your will is ill then why aren't you already on the stardom route?

Yeah, I know you're just a high school kid waiting to be discovered

But when my potna and I finish this battle your ashes will have to be recovered

You're like a foreigner and repeating every word you hear

From ya favorite rapper, and stumbling through them like you were feeling the effects of beer

Hold up, think straight if you can muster up the strength

While your rhyme might be long and tedious, there's no concept in the length

The words that you're typing up have to be said back to you

You spit random sh!t, feel me overpowering you like the flu

So whatever ya think of next, just make sure that it's dope

If it was as sh!tty as your last then for you there's no last hope

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well concepts my man same as GScotty

he explaned before your wut he drops in2 his potty

how can u beat us, mabe u need n try karatee

start workin out, get goin do them pollotees

well sorry, J-O-E was it, but u need to quit

concept told ya it aint bout how many lines you spit

plus u juss look bad wen they 100 percent sh!t

there worce then 50 cents, in just a lil bit

well sorry u lost this balle but well its over

3 of us is like pac, nas, and j hova

me and mike we juss finishin the past

but for real togeather we can bust yo ass

how can u compete wen ur jaw made of glass

u cant so every time i read urs i laugh histericilly

so here on out, ill show u im butter lyrically

Edited by MpenA
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Yo sucka MCs be dukin it out

Sittin here braggin bout the rhymes they spout

But all you guys are just some clowns

Typin up useless verbs and nouns

talkin about ur cash flows

Whether it be dollars or pounds

but i dont care who you are,or where your from

You all soon will be succumbed

by the rhymes im writin

used for verbal fightin

and used to enlighten

those who cant see clearly

those who may be a bit weary

I'm the king of the mic

everytime i throw its a strike

I never forget, its like ridin a bike

but hey, whats there really to say

My rhymes gonna kill you today

Leave you there to decay

cuz J-O-E, is just a baby

Suckin on his thumb

look what youve become

just a peice of sh!t

beggin for a hit

but who else is there, KBF?

she better be prepared to take her last breath

oh you cant forget Will is ill

everytime you rap i get a shill

cuz of what you be writin is just so wack

Ima pull out a sharp rhyme, stab ya in the back

That'll quiet ya down

There aint room for 2 of us in this town

GScotty you're a real cut up

Im just beggin, please wont you shut up

You've got the worst rhymes that i have ever heard

How you keep on writing i find quite absurd

You lost way back on the first page

I wish I could just put you in a birdcage

and throw a sheet over it so you'd disappear

Its JP, takin over battlin, is everybody clear?

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