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JP ready to take it so over he bends

lines short like your dick i see a trend

You obviously want trouble cause you call us out

If you claim to reign then we bring the drout

Cause we'll set aside beefs and work as a team

Its only a dream if you think your supreme

pena, kbf, scotty and j-o-e

Thats four on one, not counting me

No way you can match up so just give up, b

Short verse so someone else can sh!t on you

You can keep up, theres noting you can do

Ill lay 14 lines on your ass to get the point across

Your mistaken in you think your the boss

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I can't believe you're still trying Mike, it's a wonder

Battling you is a rapper's delight, I'm ominous like thunder

You can't deny how my lyrics attack you, stick to you

You're walking around you with my disses stuck to ya like glue

You're a joke, like these newbies signing up to join the fight

I'm throwing so much heat out there you'll burn and lose your sight

Mike's complaining about how t he odds are stacked up against him?

Can you say crybaby? While I'm fire you're just medium

Another genitle joke, you've been hanging round Scott too much

Instead of spittin, you quit and try to crack jokes and such

I'm sorry to say you're not a comedian, not even an able rapper

No notable content in your verse, and you're wondering why there are no clappers?

Don't believe the hype, No Concept can't hold his own on the mic

I wonder how long it'll be til you get fustrated and try to bite

You can't battle, but I know you won't admit it

Like a circumsized Jewish convert bragging that he can hit it

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Now somethin to me just dont sound right

"You're a joke, like these newbies signing up to join the fight"

Awww no, I know you aint talkin sh!t about me

Listen its easy as 1, 2, 3

There aint no one who can Fu(k with me

Especially you KBF

I guess you must think your rhymes are pretty def

Well, nuh uh, they aint

See I've got a complaint

I'm in a battle with about 5 wack rappers

All tryin to look tough but they seem quite dapper

So am I really expected to waste my time with them?

for this rhyme im not even pickin up a pen

Im just fast typin it right on the keyboard

Got people readin it from Cali to the eastern seaboard

All of them amazed, left in a daze

By how much I smoked you bastards

All with the rhyme skills that I have mastered

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You haven't mastered anything, still the same after all

Bragging like 7 foot centers that can't even ball

Joe's like all the other wannabes tryna get in battle

Not knowing I can spit venom, deadly like a snake's rattle

Haven't you learned after all those sessions on AIM?

I was just coming up, but you've just stayed the same

I thought you gave up JP, what happened? Couldn't resist?

Just to give your pathetic lyrics just one more little test?

Wasn't gonna come after ya, but I guess you wanna war

If you're so good, why'd so many people sleep on you? You're a bore

You can't rhyme with the best, if you caught on that's me

The hype flowin' def rhymer something you could never be

If ya wanna know, that line wasn't directed at you

You're now singing the blues cause you were wrong when you assumed

But ah well, just another victim, if you want more post another

I'm not impressed, not yet, so I'll leave the door open for ya brother

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Hey listen up

your reign is up

I'm takin over

so sit down, play dead, roll over

Dont make things get TOUGH

cuz I know how to get ROUGH

See I've had ENOUGH

of you, and your little crew

So tell me, whatcha ya gonna do

You gonna sit there listenin

To all of my dissin

Too much of a pus$$y

Soon you'll end up missin

Or are you gonna try and talk some smack

Too bad your little attacks are wack

Cuz you know when I fire back

It's like gold

rhymes never get gold

but yo, things are heatin up, and my rhymes hot

Come up from behind and hit you in your blindspot

Now your knocked down, layin on your back

So tell me, what you gonna say to that?

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You must be foolish to think that such wack antics will hit me

My reign ain't over, your career is, it's not replacable like a kidney

But hey, it's your choice so if you wanna put your "skills" up for show

You'll get blown away by yours truly, so just so ya know

You're washed up, if you can't see that you're ignorant

Like Michael Jackson denying that he grabbed that kid's d!ck

JP doesn't have skill neither the will

But it's too bad he won't see that he doesn't fit the bill

I think you were better when you were bago, but then I wouldn't know

You would know better, right but I'm not like you, I can actually flow

I'll be gone for a while to watch some basketball, so get outta your hiding

Sit tight, post another, unless you're finally realizing?

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Guest renagade_tim

i aint even goin to write a whole rhyme//

matta fact stop like it is hammer time//

yo boys it is VA's finest ya the rypest//

it dont matta if you a fast typest come againts me and prepare for artheritis//

read all yall raps give me a headache if you look at it i baked you like a birthday cake//

i'll hurt you fool matta fact i think i might comment a crime act//

by makin yall cry yall raps made me roll ova and die//

i aint seen this bad of raps since Mike Jones//

and even then he still livin at home so step in the ring wit me and prepare to meet muhammad ali//

when the bell goes ding i'll float like a butterfly and sting like a bee//

i'll be Artest you be wallace i'll be way talla then you if i stand on my wallet//

so when we goin ball it or you jus goin follow it//

cause this show biz not that rehearsed shiz//

yall goin to make me get buck wild in my freestyle//

let me stop cause all probaly now gettin jealous and goin need to embilish//

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whos this new guy JP, wut he say

some sh!t hes been workin on since yesterday

come on wit it then if your the king

lets see how u last in this battleing ring

o and prince sorry but ur rhymes r sh!t

u be droolin on the mic while i juss spit

dont ever direpect, i spit wut u cant conceive

we be rappin like u wouldnt ever believe

ill teach u how to rap cuz thats wut u need

me beetin u well thats a breeze

Joe ur rymes be long for no reason

go against me and well thats treason

see im the president of rap thats my contry

so dun ever speek of me Mike or Gscotty

Edited by MpenA
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Guest renagade_tim

mayne u talkin like u is a pimp//

matta fact u probaly a wimp//

so guess wat i will speak of Mike you and GScotty//

anytime matta fact u think you John Gotti//

dont ya when u said wat he say he be workin on that since yesterday//

i could of sworn u sounded well you get the pic//

and these 2 rhyme is only the tip so get the flic//

GScotty you think u on star trek when you probaly look like shrek//

postin a car youll neva eva get oh yea by the way a reason aint treason//

you said you need it to be beatin me is a breeze wat mayne stop that crap jus cut it out//

when you here me comin u betta be runnin so jus let out a shout//

i dont no wat is eaiser do diss you name your raps//

i aint sure if i am aloud to say this but i am a cr*cker and ever rhyme i read of yours they keep gettin whacker and whacker//

cause right now i see my self as the betta rapper//

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i think tim's pretty gay he like to play wit his dad's balls fondlin dem like dey were walls man u suck and freestlyin and ur wildin if u think u can beet dis G mad block ready to skeet on ur feet wit my long tuba wen i pull it out ill make ur gurl screem oo dats a big barracuda in her tooshi next i more to her gushy gushy yer her p*ssy.................... think twice

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  • Admin

who these punks

newbie punks

probably all the same person

worse than

them emo kids spittin simple ish

like them devo riffs

sit and listen to this

I'm the reason you miss

movement results in directional upheaval

achieve all goals and set scope on all who fall

between these lands high demand

Let me remind your kind is mere feline

You're anine flows have clearly been bittin

listening to all that wack **** before its simply rewritten

you gotta be kiddin you aint spittin

whatdver your kickin is as generic as a hollywood movie villain

soon you'll be wishin your distance

from this positive stance

was closer you sheep

couldn't keep on a straight course

you sound forced

I can see your downfall a mile away

pile you on the wack heap and file away with no recourse

you;ll be forgotten tomorrow like the nick jessica divorce

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Looks like Concept and I started a riot,

Looks like everyone is after us so we'll abide by it,

This is for Renagade, thanks for not writin a whole rhyme,

I couldn't stop laughin' after I read the first line,

You tryin' to start another battle, You're not finished with this,

But if I was you, I'd be tired of gettin dissed,

You don't belong here, you're still a Lil Willie,

Use your thinkin cap c'mon don't be silly,

Since I'm on the 'lil willie' subject, we'll talk about 'JP',

Talkin' about verbs and nouns, dogs and pussy,

The only p*ssy you've ever seen is when you look in the mirror,

If you were f*ckin a girl you probably couldn't even hear her,

You probably take baby strokes with that lil piece of meat,

I've just gotten started you ain't seen the heat,

KBFprince keep watchin' basketball,

This rap **** ain't workin' for you, not at all,

While you're watchin' basketball, change your name,

I'd prefer KBFprincess, KBFprince is lame,

It doesn't match you, not your personality,

Not your rap game either, nothin' works see?

The only alternative is to sweep you off stage,

I've got the broom, Concept has the Cage,

This is like the Apollo, every1 is yellin 'Boo',

No1 wants to hear, see, or think about you,

Looks like this bird is in his cage, Concept take him away,

I don't want to hear 1 word for him after today,

Renegade Tim needs to Renovate Tim,

His flow sounds a bit off someone please correct him,

I've had enough of you unexperienced rappers, your career stops now,

Thats all folks, I think i'll take a bow.

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This is halftime, so I've got a couple minutes

To put GScott in his place, and I'm gonna finish it

I've accomplished what you could never do

So accede to my reign, this is one hurdle you'll never get through

I see you improving, so I'll feel better for you Scott

Still, whenever you read my rhymes against you, you get sweaty and hot

Fear's creeping into ya mind, that doubt is coming back

You could never suceed even if you borrowed superman's hat

It's nothing against you, just against your lack of talent

I'm just pointing out the obvious, not to be malevolent

Your sole purpose on this board is to be the victim of my raps

Even though you keep trying, you never seem to come back from my attacks

I'll give you time, if you keep trying I'll give you a rhyme

Different types and personalities like the Zodiac signs

You're blind, even when you're typing up your rhyme you know

I'm the master while on the hip hop chain you're low

The game's on now, so it's my time to study the triangle

Your heart just skipped a beat, I dismissed you with a little tingle tangle

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