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[quote=KevTastic,Sep 22 2004, 04:32 AM][quote=pauleywood,Sep 21 2004, 08:33 PM]

Jimmy Eat World - Futures[/quote]
You have that already, I didn't think it was out yet?

Defo get it when its out [/quote]
I have a leak of it. You can get it up on soulseek pretty easy.

Not to condone piracy....cuz I fully intend to get this album when it drops. Edited by pauleywood
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[quote=Jonny 5,Sep 22 2004, 09:46 PM]Robert Miles - Children (Dream Version)

finally got the album yesterday and it rocks![/quote]
Yeah! I love the album, it's better than his "23am" album in my opinion.
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I waz listening 2 The Roots "Things Fall Apart."

It waz kinda funny. I waz over at my friend's house. She's a blue eyed blonde from Alaska. I've only ever heard her listening 2 rock music and hasn't been exposed 2 real Hip-Hop culture or music ever. I waz going thru' all her music cuz she told me 2 put somethin' in....out of all these rock CDs...she had The Roots. I flipped out and popped it in. It waz just so funny 2 me that she had it.
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oh last week I got a new classic from da roots... "Distortion to static".. from 1993, I think. Damn, even as good as da last movement...

itz 1 of dat songz which have dis kind of magic atmosphere... one of my favourit trackz at da moment!
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[quote=mfuqua23,Sep 23 2004, 07:52 PM]in my head...

DMX "Shorty Was Da Bomb" (just the chorus part)[/quote]
Dope song!!

Right now i'm listening 2 "Voice of Love." It's a group of of Hip-Hop and R-N-B artists from Japan who did this huge posse track with inspirational lyrics...half of them are in English and half are Japanese. T-Boz and Chilli of TLC are also on the track but it's not well known. Dope song tho.'
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