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Defenestration - For Us It Ends When We Drown

My sister's bands new album, out next week for anyone in the UK who's into Heavy Metal

Maybe not anybody then :nana:
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I got "Quality" but i need 2 get his others. I bought it last year and it is one of the best album i've gotten in a long time. "Get By" waz my song. Edited by JumpinJack AJ
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[quote=mfuqua23,Sep 3 2004, 05:08 AM]Talib Kweli - Around My Way

(any1 gonna get his album?)[/quote]
I thought the album wasn't out yet... :dunno:
Love that song...can't wait for Talib's new album...quality and train of thought where dope...

Back to the topic, right i'm listing to
Eminem- square Dance

Yes i listin 2 Em... :scared2:
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Right now I'm listening to the Tribe Called Quest album "The Low End Theory", I really want to hear a new album from them! Gotta give it up to them 'cause they're a legendary group! :bowdown:
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