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Ha!! I just wanted 2 say i thought Color Me Badd is the jam!! Those guys were so underrated. I wish R-N-B groups these days could bring the harmonies and lyrics CMB waz bringing.

I also think Spice Girls are cool...ha ha...everyonce in awhile i'm in the mood for some fun upbeat pop...Spice Girls are perfect 4 that.

Hanson's "Mmmbop" waz a fun track 2.
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Im sorry but i used to like Hanson lol, its my secret shame!!!!! :cya:

But they played thier own instruments and wrote it all, but they should have cut their hair.

I also have the spice girls first album, but i was a lot younger , omg its all coming out now, those CDs are hidden.
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[quote=mfuqua23,Aug 28 2004, 02:37 PM]Ur defending them becuz ya british, i'm guessing. I had 2 put up wit them cuz my niece loved em. They had some songs, tho. Once Ginger broke off, so did their careers.[/quote]
I'm not defending them coz they're british!! That would be silly!
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