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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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May!?!!!!!!!!! what the hell......come on ive been dying for new music from Will.....argh! freakin' release it already! :bang: :cussing:

Some news I didnt wanna hear today.

Maybe that album will be a 20th aniversary JJFP album...oh well....I want music now!

Why does he continue and continue to wait? I know the industry is messed up but damnit. :bang:
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I'm just glad to hear that progress is finally being made!! I know its a long wait but it will be worth it in the end!

Just wait and see!!

I'd so much rather will took his tym with this to get it right rather than rush it to please the waiting fans!
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Hey I like reggae music, don't diss reggae music, it's fun music, and I rather listen to a fun dancehall track than Petey Pablo anyday! :werd: And who knows maybe the album'll drop around my 20th birthday on March 4th 2005, they could celebrate their 20th anniversary when I celebrate my 20th birthday! :music:
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:music: Greet,

Its good to hear Will is to be havin some reggae tracks on the

I vacation in Jamaica a lot. I have a home there.
Hence Ive heard Elephant man , I ve seen him perform.

He is an energetic reggae artist. This combination will make
Will Smiths albumn tremendously interesting.

Guest artists : elephant man, Mary J Blige...and more
Im excited......Im hoping his new albumn will tear up the place.

Im lookin forward to it....
Will is goin for a wide range of intl flavor..

However there are other and better reggae artists he could try...
....like sean Paul, shaggy, wayne marshall etc.
This is the warrior ...
visiting the gang

shouts to
Cookies , Prince and
everyone ..

warriorgriff is a member of the intl willsmith crew
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[font="Arial"][color=blue]Hey Warriorgriff...thanX 4 da shout! Good 2 see u stop in, whenever tyme permits...

Im looking 4ward to it too, and if i had to choose abit of reggae, I would also go with Sean Paul and Shaggy...like they did with "Hey Sexy Lady" :music:

...I like your style,
your body's bangin
drivin me wild...

dang...i think thas the words. lmbo.

3cookies [/color][/font]
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"the nations' most prolific hit singer-songwriter" uugh, that sound's baaad, sounds like a guy who produces tv-casted stars for me...

"don't diss reggae music, it's fun music"
sorry, but i think you haven't got the essence of reggae yet.

where do you take it from, that the will/elephant man track will be on will's album? it also might be on elephant man's album...or did i miss sumthin?
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