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Hey y'all. This is one of the tracks from me and Fre$h C's collab album "Stars Amongst Our State". Probably one of the best collab MCs albums since Black Star. haha. This song is one of my solo joints. The lyrics are easy going and chill. I used Ice Cube's "Today Was A Good Day" beat. The song is up, just click the link in my sig

November 4 - 6, 2005©

Verse 1

It's a Friday, and I'm up around 9:30

No school, so I ain't in a hurry

I'm headin downstairs for some fast food

Cinnamon waffles in the toaster, then I'm back in my room

Turn on my tv, and game system

Got a cd I just burned in my stereo, I gotta listen

while playin my NBA 2K6

Won a game with Iverson and the 76ers

After that, I gotta get fresh, cuz I'm a mess

Take a shower and get dressed, and I'm set

Brush my hair in the mirror, head to the bathroom, get my face clear

But keep the goatee, so I can grab a couple cuties

I hear that ring tone on my phone

It's my homeboy, comin from college; just got home

Ain't really got no plans yet

Hang out for a couple hours, and then I gotta jet

Went to his house to watch music videos

Got hungry, and picked up some pizzas from Osso's

After all that chillin', it was about 3

Decided to walk home, it's just anotha day for me

Verse 2

Just got in the door, and moms got an attitude

Let her puff down a cigarette and she'll be half as rude

Went on my computer to finish some tracks

Another album's done, I bet my homies like that

Check the playback, and print up a cover

while outside my window, hear a car burn rubber

I spent a short time, to write a rhyme

That's what happens when U got vibes on ya mind

I feel a buzz in my pocket, take it out, and answer

Girl gotta meet wit me, I'm like aight, then we hang up

She's in her car, and blazin the radio

Then asked me, where did I wanna go

Knew the honey since grade school

I said "Let's head uptown and shoot some pool"

Everything was cool, played 3 games, and then she say

she love me, but it's just anotha day

Verse 3

Once we got back, felt good cuz she kissed me

Only female I've known, who never ever dissed me

Got my materials, sat on the porch and wrote anotha flow

Days like this feel good, wish the time would go slow

I'm headin into the kitchen, moms fixed chicken

After I ate, went ahead and washed the dishes

Called my brother, to see what he was doin'

Told him I was on my way up with some brand new music

We was talkin bout everyday ****

like we always do, whenver we're kickin it

Can't nobody break a brotherly bond

If U wanna fight one of us, best believe it's on

Went down in the basement to lift weights

After that, kinda tired and it was gettin' late

Went home, and when I got there

I laid back, and watched Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

By that time, I was dozin' off

Don't want no calls, so my phone is off

I'm out like a light, good night!

Ain't promised tomorrow, that's why today was alright

As the world turns, you'll se good and bad days

Been that way for years, seriously doubt that will change

You figure out what you make of each day

but for this one I say, it's just anotha day

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I'm feelin' this! :2thumbs:

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