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Hit or Miss: Six Degrees of Seperation


Hit or Miss: Six Degrees of Seperation  

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  1. 1. Six Degrees of Seperation a hit or miss?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, the movie really spotlights Will's acting ability, especially when he's charming the couple he stays with. Hearing him moan for the guy kinda threw the movie off track for me. I could have also done without seeing that guy hanging all around.

It's a smart movie, but there were definitely parts to it that offset my appreciation for the acting and turned my focus to "Did they have to show that?"

Sidenote: The movie is by no means a fast paced action movie, but check out the trailer:


They use fast music and skip through the scenes fast to give a different impression of the movie.

God Blessa!

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Ok. Here's the point. Six Degrees of Separation is one of Fred Schepisi's typical movies. Slow, story- and dialogbased with some satirical aspects. The three actors Stockard Channing, Will Smith and Donald Sutherland were great but WORD it was weird to see a "gay Will Smith". I'm a Will Smith fan since I was 10 and watched the movie at that age, I thought it was so boring that I wanted to hang myself up.... but now I enjoy watching it (if not often, because it's not a "light" movie)...

HIT! If you are ready to watch a "difficult" movie

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i liked the movie, thought it was very insightful if thats the correct word, it really showed what each character was about, and on Rottentomatoes.com it was the highest rated WS movie

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Anyone actually read Catcher in the Rye? Thats a book that will make you understand growing up :P

I think its one of his best movies, even thou it feels more like a broadway show than a movie.

The movie really turned me on to reading the book, and it was pretty good. I like books like this one, thats about life in general and not some sort of isolated adventure or murdermystery (those are really crappy). Cant say it was as good as everyone claims, but definately worth reading. Was a while since i read it now, so think im gonna re-read it and then watch the movie after to compare my view of the book to what Will says about it, that would be interesting.

great movie, but Will shouldnt have been so affraid of the gay scenes. kinda feels like his character just pretends to be gay/bi to get what he wants, instead of really beeing it and using it to get what he wants..

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I say it's a hit, 'cause it's a nice satire with a strong cast. Donald Sutherland, Stockard Channing, who one a oscar for her part in this movie, Will and, in a small part, Ian McKellen. I love Will's part alot. His speeches while he's cooking for Sutherland, Channing and McKellen were awesome. Here he proved, that he has a lot of acting talent.

For all of you who haven't seen it yet. WATCH IT!!

Y'all miss somethin' if you don't watch it.

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