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Hit or Miss: Six Degrees of Seperation


Hit or Miss: Six Degrees of Seperation  

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  1. 1. Six Degrees of Seperation a hit or miss?

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I have to say that I sort of like it. I think that some of it is funny (i.e. will's boyfriend saying he has a knife when he is naked, no where would he hide it)

I do like that will is sort of the villian in the movie since he has been the hero ever since.

also I like that fact that will is doing dramatic acting.

I'd say its not really boring but it does drag at some times.

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I like it. It was different from his action comedy movies. I like Will's performance. But like the others said I probably watch it once and awhile but its not sumthing I just put on

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I even saw the play live which the movie was based on :yeah:

hey that's cool Tim :1-say-yes: ... I am not sure the film was big hit or something ,but definitely was plus for Will cuz he show that he can be really good and in the drama :word: and maybe from parts 'Six Degrees of Seperation' open his way for the Willywood

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i gave it a hit but it isnt one of my fave of wills movies. I think bcoz when i first watched it i didnt know what it was about. Then when suddenly Will is sleeping with a guy, not a good thing to just sneak up on a girl like that lol.

:lolsign: RITE about that Julie :rofl:

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