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Party Starter Premiere on TRL!


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30 seconds? Oh no, they ARE GOING TO SHOW US THE WHOLE VIDEO. That 30 seconds should have happened at that dang ol' MTV Awards pre-show thingy man. We didnt get that, so they owe us this.

Well if it's the premiere on TRL, then it should be the whole video, I don't know why they would only show 30 seconds of it

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Well I ain't watchin' TRL for a 30-second clip but I'll vote for it still! :stickpoke:

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Saw the video!!!! Was dope. They only showed 2 scences, first and middle... Host of TRL was very promotive about the video, mentioned it every time they took a commercial break. Told the viewers to stay tuned to watch it... Claimed he was the party starter, and getting it done in that video... good job, they asked viewers to vote it in, to get it into the top 10

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