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Battle Of The Worst MC FINAL

Da Brakes

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Here it is guys the final three rappers!!! Which one is the wackest of all time?!

[b]Vanilla Ice[/b]




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Since P.Diddy's not in the running, I'm gonna go wit Vanilla Ice as the worst rapper of all time 'cause he annoys me the most!
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y'all guys don't actually know.........
Bizarre is the wackest of all time..
He shouldn't even be known, he would just never make it if he goes solo..
He should be thanksfull alot to the real Slim shady

[b]Bizarre is Whack[/b]
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I think Bizarre tries 2 be alot of things...but he sucks at all of them. Sometimes he tries 2 write like Eminem...but the stuff Eminem isn't really shocking anymore...so when he tries 2 do it, it just sounds like he's trying 2 be like Eminem when he used 2 say shocking stuff...but it leaves no effect on the listener.

Trying 2 be something u aren't is the worst thing anybody associated with Hip-Hop or Rap could do. Sadly, that's what most rappers do. That's why they are a joke 2 me. When u listen 2 Fresh Prince, L.L. Cool J, Guru, Talib Kweli, Biz Markie, Young Rome, Twista, OutKast, Nick Cannon, Kanye West, Queen Latifah, and so on...u are getting the real person in the music. That's what it's all about. I rather listen 2 a rapper with weaker skills who be's themselves in their music than a sucka on the mic with ill skills but trys 2 be something they are not. If u check the Billboard Top 10, u often find those who don't be themselves AND have no skill at all. :oops:
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