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Battle Of The Worst MC FINAL

Da Brakes

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So who's the worst mc of all time then? I'm bringing this thread out from the dead 'cause I wanna know still what y'all think! :werd:
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I've never heard of Bizarre. Is he in D12 or somethin? Well, I won't worry bout him cuz I got better things 2 worry about. Like where I'll be when I hear Will Smith's single "SWITCH!!!". Benzino, I've heard one song of his really. Rock the Party. the beat annoys me. Not really an impacting artist. Now Vanilla Ice, not sure. (9 1/2 weeks: the documentary about Vanilla Ice's career) lol:) He may not be entirely bad, especially if Suge can make all the money off him. or whatever. His image was just wrong.

Milli Vinilly Vanilla Ice gets my vote.
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So Vanilla Ice is the winner of the worst MC of all time competition right?
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