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R&B songwriters C. Haggins/I.Barias mention JJFP!


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I think all hip-hop heads know this already, the kids need to learn though, like I said last week I think that of white kids didn't buy "Willenium" as much as they did "Big Willie Style" 'cause they were mad that Will dissed their new hero Eminem by sayin' rappers shouldn't rap about killin' and curse so much in their songs, Eminem took that as a diss as a gimmick to get all the white kids to buy his albums. :paperbag:

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Good point ted, But eminem dissin will was just stupid, Nobody knew that wasn't going to fold in with that line and em knew it too, As the article said Em respects Will, so taking a shot at him is trying prove that he's the funniest guy or something, Em's Jealous?

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I was just searching through the forum for that Playboy interview from 2001 that AJ posted here earlier this year, he talks about how Eminem doesn't really reflect his life in his music 'cause he's just being silly all the time making fun of people, what does dissin' Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and Will Smith have to do with your life? Maybe he's just mad that Will and Michael wouldn't do a song with him and Britney don't give him no play! :lolsign: :

"PLAYBOY: What do you think of the hard-edged rap being made now? Could you see yourself doing that kind of music?

PRINCE: I have to live as who i am. I create the music that's in my heart. I talk about the things i feel, and i am in a position that a lot of guys aren' in. I don't have to rap for money. I make what i want the way to make it. It's hard for me to outwardly condemn people for trying to feed their families.

PLAYBOY: Are you concerned withsome of the messages in these songs?

PRINCE: The bottom line is that a lot of people who have been blessed with this forum aren't really smart. I have educated myself beyond a lot of my peers in the rap world, and, more than anything, here's my beef: I understand what you are saying and what you feel, but the world is begger than what you are rapping about. Just rap about more topics in your world. You mean to tell me, all day long, all you do is smoke blunts, have sex and kill people? You never do anything else? You have never one time in your life really liked somebody, never been soft and acted spun-out over some girl? You never sat outside some girl's house hoping she isn't with somebody when she comes home? Let me hear that story.

PLAYBOY: Yor're saying that too much rap is one-sided?

PRINCE: Absolutely. We were in a village in Mozambique. Jay-Z and Tupac were scribbled on the walls of a shack with no running water and no electricity. Rap music is black America's contribution to the world, and that is who people around the world thing black Americans are. They represent me. I have less of a problem with Eminem. He is really creative but so far over the top that it's clearly a farce. Eminem isn't trying to make people believe that's really how he lives his life every day. Eminem is silly, having a good time, and he doesn't affect my community.

PLAYBOY: Whose work do you most admire?

PRINCE: There are alot of guys underground who have skillz, but Jay-Z is the most talented mainstream Hip-Hop lyricist. I just think there are more topics he could explore. He is smart, so i know he will."

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so if I say **** turntable you wouldnt take it as a diss? :stickpoke: I just think that quote from Carvin is great considering everyone was saying Will was biting eminem recently because of his storytellin rap :lolsign: :lolsign: :lolsign:

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Eminem said "F*** him and f*** you too"

Exactly... Turntable, you're making it sound like Eminem said something innocent... Hardly...

Yeah, this was before Em was Em.. that statement wasn't gonna last long. To say that and then diss the same person is just stupid.

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so if I say **** turntable you wouldnt take it as a diss?  :stickpoke:  I just think that quote from Carvin is great considering everyone was saying Will was biting eminem recently  because of his storytellin rap :lolsign:  :lolsign:   :lolsign:

Well I think those critics need a hip-hop history lesson, Will is the pioneer not Eminem, just 'cause Eminem's the 1st white rapper to do it doesn't make him any more special, Will was one of the first rappers to do it period, end of story, I remember Tim tellin' me that Hieroglyphics beat Em in a freestyle battle 10 years ago, the truth needs to brought to light that Em is not this rap god that people think he is! :stickpoke: btw, saying f*** you to somebody is not a hip-hop battle, that's fightin' words, I don't take that crap, just like one time I was battlin' somebody in a freestyle battle and he was dissin' my grandmother so I beat his ass, there's certain things you don't say!

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actually i don't think it was that much of a diss. the "Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his records to sell music, well i do" is more of a compliment. it says Will can accomplish more than Eminem could if he didn't cuss. i think the "so f*** him and f*** u too" part was a diss, but Eminem dissed everybody in that song. it's like when 50 disses somebody now.... i don't even consider it a diss. i consider it jealousy if u gotta diss everyone out there who's better than u.

props Ted 4 finding that article. it was definitely dope! :gettinjiggywitit:

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This is all part of Em's plot to be famous, maybe if we all stop talkin' about him dissin' people there won't be nothin' worth discussing with him anymore, I'm sick of this bulls***, it needs to go back to talent selling, not controversey, Em should stop dissin' people and focus on skills, grow up Em! :paperbag:

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Here's the rest of the article for those who care:

"-Musiq, "Just Friends"

Ivan: I did "Just Friends" with Jill Scott in mind, but she wasn't feeling it. When I first met Musiq, he heard that joint and went crazy. But then he pulled a dissappearing act for about a year. He was homeless, sleeping from couch to couch. When we finally caught up with Musiq, it was history. It made everything happen for all of us.

-Jill Scott "Family Reunion"

Carvin: Jill has everything in her mind, how she wants it, so you can't really write with her. Ivan will have a track, and she'll come with her concept and start writing, and you just gotta be able to catch if anything falls. I didn't know what direction she wanted to go. But as it came about, she was giving a picture of her family reunion.

Ivan: It all happened without any cuts. It's like one long scene without any edits.

-Mario "Like Me Real Hard"

Carvin: When you see these child stars growing up, you think their image is made up and they're not the artists they're potrayed to be. But this guy is sincere. This song came out when a friend of mine was like, "You think you'll fall in love with me?" I said, nah, right now I'm in the position of liking people, so I'll probably like you real hard.

-Faith Evans "Again"

Carvin: When we sat down with Faith, I told her: people don't want to hear another song, I think you should put your life out there. She was like, "Yo, I'm wide open. Let's go." Originally, as you know, the second verse was, "In ATL I caught a case/Wendy Williams tried to say/I was an addict/With a habit.../Now all the rumors got to stop/No, I didnt have no two 'Pacs." But Faith said, "There's no way I could do that to Wendy Williams because she has actually been down for me." And she was like, "I'm not giving 'Pac no props on my record. I'm not having that." So I rewrote the second part."

So Will's not the only one having issues with Wendy Williams, lol. I say this issue's worth picking up when you get a chance 'cause there's a nice tribute to Luther Vandross in there too! I find it kinda ironic that Vibe said that Will sounds like Em and now Carvin and Mario come forward to say something, maybe JJFP saw it and told them to mention that for them! :lolsign:

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I think it's foul when rappers try to make a battle too personal, why the hell would Canibus talk about wanting to put a gun to LL in front of his kids and wife? That's foul! :therain: :

"Now watch me rip the tat from your arm

Kick you in the groin, stick you for your Vanguard award

In front of your mom your 1st, 2nd and 3rd born

Make your wife get on the horn call Minister Farrakhan"

I like the way LL replied back though, it was classy :lolsign: :

"Don't ever open your mouth and mention my seeds

Talk about my book you bought to read

You know you watch the sitcom n---- so stop that

Mad rapper, but now you turned mad actor

Forty-nine pounds and tryin to be a monster

Run around town with the Bob Marley imposters

Ask Canibus, he ain't understandin this

Cause ninety-nine percent of his fans, don't exist"

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I found it. It is in the song "We As Americans" he says "Rapper slash actor kiss the crack of my crack slash ass". Like I said though it wasnt named at Will personally and the words around it dosent give any indacation that he was trying to diss Will. Just when I heard it I thought it was directed towards Will.

Anyway, I dont believe that any rapper should take it personally when others take shots at them. Its been going on for years UTFO v Roxanne, Kool Moe D v LL, NWA v Easy E, West Coast v East Coast, now Em v Will. I'm not shocked or surprised by anything said and if you think about it this is the mildest war I've ever heard of.

The fact remains regardless of what they think of one another they are both talented. Will has a body of work that cant be denied and Em is building an Empire(excuse the pun) Gangster rap isnt going anywhere because Rap is based in the streets and most of the hardcore rappers have used this medium to get out of it. IE Pac and Biggie. You can take the man out of the streets but you cant take the streets out of the man. Will needs to start his own label and bring up the positive rappers. My first love will always be Will but Rakim is the best lyricist but Em is at least in the top 6 all time due to his original ideas. He isnt bring the same old crap thats been done a million times and at least he can flow unlike alot of the rappers these days. :sorry:

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Thanx 4 posting that inteview clip. That's crazy interesting. It makes FP's comment from that radio interview a few months ago make alot of sense. When u think about the way it said something like "I know for a fact that somewhere in there Eminem is a big Will Smith fan"...it just ties in with this event.

Eminem's line in "Real Slim Shady" wazn't really a diss in my eyes...it waz everything that followed. When he mocked him in the "Forgot About Dre" video and then encouraged his fans 2 chant "Will Smith sucks" while at TRL...that's what i had a problem with.

I think it's very cool that they put it out there. I love the stuff those guys produce (unless they are the former ATOJ producers who did Ciara's "Oh"). I definitly gotta pick up that issue of Vibe.

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