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Here's a pic of me right after i picked up Lost + Found. Keep in mind this is after i waited 20 minutes 2 find someone 2 open up the boxes with the new releases. THEN i stood in line for over half an hour cuz nobody waz working at midnight. I look a lil' dishoveled...but i finally got back 2 the car and popped the CD in.


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Last, but not least, here is a pic from yesterday (how's that 4 current!?). Me and some friends were up at High Rock, which is basically a big rock a the top of a mountain. From it, u can see 3 states (MD, PA, + DE). It's simply amazing up there...and it's really cool that it's like 30 minutes away from where i live. It's just a few minutes away from Camp David, the Presidential Retreat.


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Here's me having a cold one. :werd:

u try 2 balance yourself bro?

Li'l trip. :hilarious:

And AJ, damn you look really young for your age. :thumb:

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Yeah, i'm a firm believer that u are as young as u think u are. Some people who hit 25 start thinking they are getting old and think that they should be at a certain place in their lives, then they get stressed and let society say who they SHOULD be. I'm just a young, carefree person. I don't let things change me and the way i am. I have alot of younger friends and i click with them the same way i click with older people. I work out and take care of myself so i'm hoping 2 look 30 when i'm 40. :hilarious:

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good pics, AJ... :thumb: ...

well, u right about the age thing...cuz I'm gonna be 39 on Sunday,...and ppl always give me a hard tyme thinkin im lying about my age..and say I look 25...

and I LOVE it...hahah

but i have to break out the license.... :thumb:

i think ppl just be sayin that junK to blow up my head! lol



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