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you still think lost and found is wills best album


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No I don't think so, I never did say so, I remember saying a couple months ago that it's his 4th best overall or at least it's close to it 'cause it's arguable that "Homebase" might be better and I gotta throw "Code Red" in the top 3 so it could be as low as 5th or 6th 'cause it's a victim to Will's career no matter what Will does, he can't top himself, unless he gets Jazzy involved on the whole album like the JJFP albums, I'd have to say "Willenium" and "Big Willie Style" are arguably better solo albums and "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" is arguably the greatest rap album ever, "Lost and Found" is close to that level, it could be a classic, we'll have to see a few years from now if it is, you could say all albums except "Born To Reign" and "And In This Corner..." are close to classic level, so if you compare careers you could say Will could be the greatest mc ever, it's getting harder for Will to top himself since he's had such a great career, to say that "Lost and Found" is his greatest album is disrespectful to his career, he's had many classics.

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The album is way better than B2R, thats a fact but I dont think Will can make good albums when Jeff aint involved in it enough. Will needs Jeff and he knows it, but does Jeff know?

Will can make very good albums without Jazzy Jeff being involved 100%, I think the solo albums are the best in hip-hop still in recent years, but he can't make groundbreaking classic albums without Jazzy Jeff being involved 100%, the JJFP albums make Will a legend.

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I think peeps would like "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" better if it was remastered musically 'cause it does have a nice smooth jazz sound to it but you can't hear all the instruments unless you blast the volume which is displayed better on 'Code Red"'s production, but lyrically those were the best flows of his career, especially tracks like "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper", "Brand New Funk" "Parents Just Don't Understand", "Pump Up The Bass", "My Buddy", and "As We Go", plus I love those tracks that Jazzy displays why he's the greatest DJ ever like "DJ On The Wheels", "Hip Hop Dancer's Theme" and "Rhythm Tracks", this album displays JJFP together as the greatest DJ-MC duo of all time, I don't understand why JJFP do one album like that again and make it a double album where some tracks Will displays his lyrical skills as the best mc and Jazzy Jeff could just do some tracks where he rips the wheels again, they're better than ever now, but doing seperate work hurts both of them! We need to start a petition to get "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" remastered just like we did for Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air! The intro track on the next album could be "Here We Go Again 2006" where they start off with the sample of Will sayin':

"Not many have bought the last album

But we can't allow them

To go out like that our music is too def

We make hit records right and left" :interesting:

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I think this is his best.

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