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Your first JJFP/Will CD

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I don't quite remember, but I think this is the order I got my CD's:

WS Greatest Hits

Born to Reign

Big Willie Style


He's the DJ

Code Red

Lost & Found


Still lookin' for Rock the House, and I'm currently bidding on a copy of And in this Corner on Ebay so I might be getting that soon. :dope:

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We've all been here before. but for the newbies

Big Willie Style (Spring 98)

JJFP Greatest Hits (Summer 98)

............................ the rest is history

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first cassette was big willie style

then cds of willennium then born to reign

then i got jjffp platinum and gold collection

then got cd of big willie style

then i got code red and 'and in this corner'

then i got homebase

dont have hes the dj im the rapper or rock the house

but i will order them soon.

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Homebase waz my 1st album. I got it about 3 months after it dropped. The 1st JJ+FP album i really got familiar with waz He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper cuz my friend's sister had it. I got Homebase, He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper, Rock The House, and And In This Corner all in 1991. After then, i got them all on their release dates (except Code Red which i got during the 1st week it dropped).

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This is my order but with the number I have bought because of losing or breaking or gettin stolen.

Rock the House - 2 - I still have the Disc but its not Orig.

He's the DJ - 4 - I currently do not have a copy of this Masterpiece.

In this Corner - 1 - Still have the cass.

Homebase - 3 - I have the disc.

Big Willie Style - 2 - I have the disc.

GH - 1 - Disc

Will2K - 1- Disc

Lost & Found - 1 - Disc

Notice that I started taken care of my **** as I got older.

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