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Just heard a couple of tracks


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This is naasttyyy I tell u.

just heard We Major feat Nas and the whole Crack Music feat Game.

OMG. We Major is no doubtly one of the best songs ever done. It's sick as.. gah. Unbelievable. Everything else done this year fades away behind this song. This makes me amped for the Nas album. It ends with a 3 minute incredible instrumental.

Crack Music is also very, very good. It's basically about the goverment and Reagan putting crack in the streets to control the black minority. And also about the struggle for making music. A hard, really, raw chorus with the best game verse i've heard.

if i hadn't heard We Major i would go off on this one but it's still a really, really good song.

Overall the songs i've heard shows that Kanye has grown lyrically and the music sounds very different. It's alot of instruments and alot of things happening in the songs.

Just can't wait for the rest.

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This makes me amped for the Nas album

whats this about a new nas album.. tell me more :wickedwisdom:

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Nas spittin' fire ain't nothin' new, he's only done that over a decade now, "Street's Disciple" is pretty dope too I'd say, it's nice to hear that Kanye's expanding the topics too, I'm gonna definately peep out the album eventually since there's other albums I wanna peep out 1st.

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Mase already signed!!

Home News Latest Ma$e is back…with G- Unit?!?!



August 9, 2005

Bun B & The Middle Fingaz/DJ Drama "Gangsta Grillz: The Legends Series"

Declaime "Illmindmuzik" (re-release)

Ellay Khule "Califormula" (f/ Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, Busdriver, 2Mex, & more)

Hood Stars "Hood Reality" (f/ The Game, Young Jeezy, Yukmouth, & more)

JT The Bigga Figga presents "Neighborhood Superstarz"

Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz "Crunk Juice" (chopped & screwed)

Maker "Honestly"

Mr. Charlie "Charlie Hustle" (f/ Ms. Niecy, Black Boy, Trice, Sccoter, Anton, & more)

Ol Dirty Bastard "A Son Unique"

Partners-N-Crime "Club Bangaz" (f/ single "Pooh Shooter" w/ Juvenile)

Proof (of D-12) "Serching For Jerry Garcia" (f/ 50 Cent, Eminem, D-12, Obie Trice, Method Man, Nate Dogg, & more)

Ying Yang Twins "United State Of Atlanta (U.S.A.)" (chopped & screwed)

Ma$e is back…with G- Unit?!?!

Written by GodFather

Monday, 15 August 2005

In a surprise move, Ma$e popped up on the latest G Unit Radio show on Shade 45 to announce his return to the rap game. In addition, he spoke about religion, slain rapper Big L and a possible album release on G-Unit Records.

“It’s the music I wanna make, not the music everybody wants me to make,” he told DJ Whoo Kid. When asked to elaborate on what that meant he simply said, “the Ma$e you know, ” indicating that Murda Ma$e might be back.

Ma$e also addressed his religious obligations, which were often the topic of conversation upon his first return. “At the end of the day, all dudes have God somewhere in their hearts, so let’s just put that to the side and do music.” He later went on to add: “All I need is two inspirational records… the other 16 are going to be Ma$e.”

No topic was too sensitive on the satellite radio show and a usually reserved Ma$e had plenty to say. He hinted at having some of his rhymes stolen from former rhyme partner and slain rapper Big L

“Big L brought me on the scene and I used to rhyme with him… when they used to do records, God bless the dead they would never put me on the records. But all of the hot lines he was saying, and even in his grave I gotta tell this, those were my lines. I used to say those lines in the park and they would put them out in song.”

On his relationship with P. Diddy : “It’s really nothing personal, I just don’t want to be there,” he said, referring to Bad Boy Records, “and I already proved if I don’t feel it I won’t work.”

So what will Ma$e be like when he comes back? “I ain’t going 50 [Cent] though, I’ma be right in between, I ain’t gon’ be Usher neither.” Look for Ma$e on the upcoming “Get Rich or Die Trying” soundtrack.

Last Updated ( Monday, 15 August 2005 )

Audio/Video http://www.rapgodfathers.com/index.php?opt...d=397&Itemid=27

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Nas spent $2 million on a beat, damn beats're that expensive? I think the rumor was he bought that beat from the Neptunes for his next album, it'll be interesting to see him work with them, they're great producers no doubt.

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What's the highest value for a beat, I'd be curious to know that? The Neptunes have been top producers though for the past few years so you figure their beats would be high value, they've even produced pop stars like Britney Spears.

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i just heard Gold Digger and i wasn't impressed :thatspdiddybad: for some reason, i'm starting to side with those who say Kanye's overrated. i have nothin against the dude, i really want to like him. i thought Jesus Walks was pretty good but i couldn't stand that other single, All Falls Down. then i bought Common's new album, and wasn't nearly impressed by his producing skills. i thought Diamonds was pretty good track, but Gold Digger wasn't really impressive. Jamie Foxx was really annoying on the track... dude sounded like he was having a heart attack. i dunno why i can't like Chicago rap... lol. i didn't like Common's album and i've been less than impressed by Kanye's stuff. i do like Twista tho. maybe i'll download kanye's album when it leaks and see if i like it but i have a bad feelin about it.

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Side note, though. Jaimie is only on the Intro. The actual sample (She give me money when i'm in need...) is Ray charles.

Kanye said he made the beat like, just over a year ago, and wanted to give it to Shawna, but he couldn't exactly clear the sample with ray charle's people. he managed to clear it after a few months, and used it himself..thus, Gold digger.

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I've always thought Kanye West waz overrated, but i thought he waz still talented. However, he ego is obnoxoius...especially cuz he hasen't done anything dope in about a year. All of the stuff tied 2 his next album has been no better than average 2 me. It sounds like the kinda album that i'll be able 2 put in the CD player on a night that i've been tossing and turning, and it'll be so boring that it'll put me 2 sleep.

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Everyones got their opinions.

There's a radiorip of We Major out right now. It's only 3 minutes thou. The song in whole is over 7 minutes.

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Hopefully "Gold Digger" is the worst song on the album, that song does seem kinda boring, a lot of rappers talk about golddiggers so that doesn't seem like nothin' new, I'm not trying to hate when I say that either, his ego does disappoint me sometimes and makes me not wanna buy his album but at least he puts out good music once in a while unlike other ego trip fools like 50 Cent who talk like they're the greatest and only put out wack songs so I will at least check out the album when the hype settles down, I like some of his songs on "College Dropout" but I don't feel it deserves to be among the all-time great albums, it's one of the better albums recently but all-time? Not yet, maybe 10 years from now if people still listen to it, I don't see it as an album people'll listen to forever.

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