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Just heard a couple of tracks


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I like golddigger cause of the humour in it. it's not a profane song about hoes and bitches and how they are golddiggers.

It tells a story.

But i really, really hate the video.

So far I've hear Crack Music, The two Diamond songs, Golddigger, We Major, and Hey Mama (the new version).

In a grade scale of 1 to 10.

Crack Music - 9

We Major - 10

Hey mama - 10

Diamonds - 7,5

Diamonds RMX . 8,5

Golddigger - 7,5

Now the thing with Kanye is alot of his ego is a marketing trick to get attention. It works too.. I've heard from alot of journalist friends that he's one of the most nice and sincere rappers they've talked too unless you skip the bull**** questions like who he dates and things like that.

And since he's so praised..everything he does and will do in his career will be pretty much like NAS... they expect miracles from him..

AJ & Ted: Be honest: If you'd heard Golddigger or Diamonds from another rapper (that until now had been unknown) that had recently gotten a major deal.. wouldn't you like it more than you do now? I'm pretty sure you guys do. But just like alot of people, or just like almost everyone..we're fooled by the media in alot things. Remember.. their main objective isn't telling the truth or doing GOOD articles...their objective is to sell magazines... And if they would've done real interviews like the ones done here with kanye.. then they wouldn't sell ****.

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The Diamonds Remix sounds dope, he was on point on that track, I didn't say "Golddigger" sucks, I'd probably rate it what you did there, it's more of an average track, yeah you're right magazines do say things to beef up their sales, I shouldn't be so critical about that.

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More info on the We Major track:

It's laid back, with a beat that just makes me smile. The instrumental at the ending is wonderful.

Kanye brings the first verse hot. It's pretty much about life, music and living it. Lyrically good, but kanye has stepped up the flow really much on this song.

Really Doe got the second verse that's the shortest verse. Really good with a interesting rhymescheme. Looking forward to hear more from him.

Then nas gets in with a laidback style talking about what fans and people want from him and how he wants to give his blood sweat and tears to the mic. He also handles the hook. The last 3 minutes are a instrumental with kanye going of totally.

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